Monday, November 12, 2007

The Chili Cook-off!

We had such a great time! And no one suffered any ill effects, thankfully. Well, I did in an indirect sort of way, if you get my drift. Anywayyyy.....moving right along......we had THIRTEEN entries, aka crockpots of chili. Just let me say here that I didn't realize just how many varieties of slow-cookers there are! No two were alike. AND do you have any idea of just how many different versions of chili there are? I tasted all of them and they were all so different, some really delicious, some too spicy hot, some too soupy, some with too many beans, some too bland BUT we had a winner! And it wasn't me and Ed. Yes, we conspired on a delicious pot of chili.
And here is the WINNER:

Sis. Jody Rowe! She is pictured here with my brother, Johnny, who so generously contributed the first place prize of $100. And all I was going for was a chef's hat or maybe an apron that said something cutesy on it. Jody was extremely happy with the $100!!!
Now, there is a real story here. She and her mother live in the same apartment complex, across the hall from one another. Her mother, Sis. Patty, called me around noon and told me that she didn't think they were going to come. They both were dissatisfied (disgusted *grin*) with their chilis. Sis. Patty's car went on the blink....again. Just everything was going wrong for them. And then when they finally arrived at the church, they came in all discomboobalated, having spilled one of the pots of chili in Jody's car and it got all over the other things that they had brought with them. Well, some of the men helped them get everything into the fellowship hall. Some of the ladies helped them get everything cleaned up and all settled in. And then to top it all off......JODY WINS!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!! We all said, "Who better to win?" And she and her dear mother can really use the money. (She shared with her sweet mom.) So everyone was happy!

Ed and I came in seond!!! Yeehaa!!! The judges said it was a close call but Jody's won out in the end. The judges asked her to share her ingredients with everyone and we couldn't believe all that she had put it in. The judges said that they think the italian sausage she put in it may have made the difference. Ed had wanted to put some in ours but I said that I didn't like the taste of sausage in chili. *feeble grin* Oh well.......there 's always next year.

Pastor Martin's son, Michael came in third. Pastor Martin made a really hot, spicy pot of chili and ended up giving it away to his son-in-law, as Pastor said that he couldn't be eating very much chili on the eve of Sunday services.

Here are our illustrious judges: Bro. Matt Olson, who pastors in Pleasantville and Sis. Chris Kornmiller, a member of our church. They did a great job!

I organized the event as best as I could but it was only with the wonderful help of everyone who came that it was such a great event!! Everyone is already excited about next year's chili cook-off!!


Tersie said...

I'm glad to hear it was a success!! :)

Jana Dolan said...

Yummy! Next year I nominate myself to be a judge...a-hem! YEP YEP!! ;-)