Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Autumn in my valley

Here is a picture I took from the back porch the other evening when the sun was going down.

Below is a picture of the beautiful flower garden to the right of the main entrance at church. It caught my eye yesterday morning and I just had to take a picture!
Here is a picture of the vestibule at church, which Sis. Martin has decorated for fall. And in the foreground is a table with Christmas for Christ cans on it. The cans are SFC cans that have been "reborn". I covered them with Christmas paper and labels and voila! (Please don't tell anyone in the youth department,k? *grin*)


Carrie said...

Great fall pictures! Isn't God's creation gorgeous?
God bless :)

Jewel said...

Oh, absolutely, Carrie! It's a wonder I don't have multiple car crashes because of looking at the beautiful scenery and leaves at this time of the year! But I just want to savour it while it lasts, you know?