Sunday, October 28, 2007

Over the river and through the woods

Okay, so let me see......we went over a river or two and we definitely went through ALOT of woods. Yesterday (Saturday) Ed and I drove up to Mt. Vernon to visit with the Ryans, aka, Donnie, Charity, Becky, Michael and Gabrielle. I had made Becky an OSU afghan (how about them Buckeyes beating Penn State??? Yayyyyy! And YES, they ARE a number #1 team! Hello!). Okay, now what was I saying? Oh yes, I had made an OSU afghan for Becky for her 17th birthday and was going to mail it to her but decided to take it to her instead. We had a good visit and I just couldn't get over how much Gabrielle had changed since I last saw her and talk? Does she ever talk!? She had on her OSU cheerleader outfit which used to be Becky's. She was so cute! And I'm sure Becky was just as cute when she wore it! *smile* I got to see Donnie's office where he makes the big bucks! *smile* AND you should see the beautiful sofa and loveseat that Charity got for a steal! Wow! Why don't I ever get those bargains? Here is a picture of Becky and her coveted afghan! Oh, and we saw Michael briefly. He was in and out, socializing at the neighbors and so on. *smile*

Next, we drove out to Sparta to see Bob and Betty (Sheets). Betty had fixed supper for us and we had a great time visiting, eating and then playing cards. Betty and I handily beat our dear husbands at euchre. Two games to zip! Yayyyyyy!! The last time, the guys beat us and, boy, did they ever rub it in. Betty and I were much more humble in victory. ;-) We are so thankful for Bob and Betty. Though we don't get to see one another very often, when we are together it is such a wonderful time of fellowship.
We got home at about 9pm, in time to watch most of the Ohio State game. It was a good one! And, yes, Ohio State is a NUMBER ONE team!! Sheesh!


Liz said...

I'll bet my mom is going to be jealous she didn't get to see you!!

Rochelle said...

I've been to Mt. Vernon! I sort of miss the Mid West this time of year. Well, not the cold, really. But I miss the leaves for sure.

Don Ryan said...

It was nice seeing you! Becky loves the afgan.

The Muffin said...

My mom is right. I do indeed. It's very warm.

I don't think I was quite as cute as Gabrielle, either.

Theresa said...

Okay, now Friend! You had to pass within 2 blocks of my house to get from the Ryan's to the Sheets', and I didn't even get a phone call to meet you at the curb for a hug???!!! I'm bummmmmmeddddd!!!

Jewel said...

Liz...I think you are right (see below) *feeble grin* We only had so much time as Ed wanted to get back to see the game!
Hi Rochelle....yes, it is one of my favorite places. And it is definitely getting cold! Brrr!! I thought I was ready for a little chill in the air but, alas, my body is rebelling!
Hey, Charity....I am so glad she likes it! It was really good to see all of you and you tell your husband to get that piano tuned for you. It's a beautiful piano.
Hi Becky!!! Okay, I wanna see a baby picture. Let me be the judge of your cuteness! *smile*
I'm sorry, Theresa...the next time I come to Mt. Vernon it will be to visit you, k? I didn't think of just calling and stopping by for a hug. That sounds so nice. *sigh* Next time! I promise!