Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm Alive!!!

Yes, Sirree, I surely am. I've just been kinda busy and haven't felt like blogging. Do any of you get that way? I mean, I had alot of things to blog about but I just didn't feel like typing it out and posting it and, well, you get the idea.

Anywayyyyy......here I am, once again, ready to blog. Tada! *smile*

Wellllll, last Friday, my three New York girlfriends and I had our Christmas lunch get-together EARLY! *smile* I call them my New York girlfriends because we three went to NYC for the first time back in October of 1999. We had such a wonderful time and made some great memories! We went to see Phantom of the Opera and walked a million miles and laughed ourselves silly! The next year, Arlene was not able to go because of health problems, so, because we had already bought tickets and made reservations, the other three of us went. We went to see Lion King on Broadway and it was absolutely breathtaking! All four of us are each so different in personality but we just mesh so well as travelling buddies and we have such a great time together! Here is a pic of us having lunch at Old Dutch Restaurant last Friday afternoon!


It is a cold and blustery day here today but the house is so nice and cozy. Ed started the woodburner today for the first time this fall and it is wonderful. It keeps the house so evenly heated and comfortable and my aching bones welcome the steady heat. Ellie has taken up residence for the winter right in front of the stove! *smile* Her bed is made of an old box that macaroni and cheese dinners come in from Aldi's and a little blanket that I bought at a yard sale for a quarter. Now, we could have spent a nice little bit of money for a kitty bed and all, but she just loves old boxes and blankets, so she is in kitty heaven. When Ed put it in front of the stove for her, he called her to it and was babying her but she just stood off across the room acting kind of snooty and all.....just being a cat.......like she was saying, "If you think I'm going to purr and grovel at your feet over some dumb box and blanket, well, I'm not about to lower myself." So, instead, we just left her alone and gradually, over about a twenty-minute period, she sauntered over to the box, sniffed around it, sat beside of it and groomed herself a little, inching a little closer, untilllll..... eventuallyyyyy......... she couldn't resist any longer! I knew she'd break! *smile* And she has hardly left her new-found bed since early this morning! Here she is all snug and warm:


Timothy Carter said...

That is one comfy looking cat. You describe the snooty behaviour perfectly! It's good to meet a fellow blogger who understands cats the way I do. My wife and I are raising a kitten, who is just starting to develop the 'cattitude'.

Jewel said...

Hi Timothy! It's nice to meet you, too. We've had Ellie since she was just a kitten so we've watched her "evolve" and do know her quite well. My husband, though, has times when he still thinks she should behave like an obedient dog. You know....come....fetch...sit. I remind him...."It ain't never gonna happen in this lifetime." *smile*