Monday, November 26, 2007

A wonderful Sunday!

See this little cutie pie? He is my great-nephew Nathen and he was dedicated to the Lord yesterday by Bro. Tiller where Drew and Bethany, Nathen's parents go to church, Reynoldsburg Grace Apostolic. It was a wonderful ceremony! He is the most precious little baby. We all went out to dinner after the morning service which was awesome. The sweet presence of the Lord was there from the start. Pastor Tiller preached a wonderful message, "Sealed". There was a great altar service and the Lord truly ministered to so many, myself included.
Daniel and Erin went with us and we had a great time going to church together and then to dinner afterwards. We also shopped a little on the way home later that afternoon.
This morning, my friend Pam, from church, called and told me that she had the day off, so we went to Bob Evans for breakfast and about talked ourselves silly! *smile* We then went to a local nursing home to visit with a dear saint from church who is recovering from knee replacement surgery. She is going home this weekend and is so excited! She has recovered remarkably well for her age. I could hardly believe it when I saw her and how she is getting around! The Lord is good! Her name is Alice and she was telling me that she needs to go for her first doctor's visit sometime in December, so I told her that I would be glad to take her if Pam would go with me. Well, Pam is scheduled to have carpal-tunnel surgery a few days before Alice's dr.'s appt. but she was sure she would be able to go. I said, "Boy, we'll really be a group, Alice with her cane, Pam with her arm in a sling and me with my walker!" Talk about the blind leading the blind! BUT, we are strong, capable women and we can do it!! *smile*
It has been raining buckets here today! But I'll not complain because we do need the rain after having such a dry summer. But is has made me just want to sleep all day, especially since we had such busy weekend. I did take a cozy nap this afternoon after I got home. those warm afternoon naps on a chilly, rainy afternoon with Ellie curled up beside me.
Today is also the first day of deer hunting season. It has been pretty quiet around here because of the rain, I believe. It usually sounds like the Civil War has broken out. *grin* There have been so many deer killed on the highways around here. I come very close to hitting deer several times since the weather has turned cool. I try to be so careful when out driving, watching for the deer. Have a great week everyone! Ed has carried the Christmas storage boxes out to the living room for me, so it will be work in progress here at the Cavinee household this week, spreading Christmas cheer throughout! *smile* Happy Holidays!! Enjoy the season, as we remember our Saviour's coming to us so long ago. It is the most wonderful time of the year!


Theresa said...

What an adorable pic of Nathen!!! He's got the cutest smile! (Maybe inherited from his Great-Aunt Jewel??)

I'm going to try to tackle the Christmas stuff soon. Right now, I've got to figure out how to rearrange the living room without making Mom give up any of her space. (That would cause a small riot!)

Jewel said... sure would be nice to think he got SOME of his adorable cuteness from his great-aunt, hm? *smile*
I understand completely about rearranging and being careful with mama! *grin* Been there.

Rochelle said...

He he SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Perfect smile!