Friday, April 27, 2007

You might find this interesting

Indiana Bible College has a wonderful website where you can listen to the music from past Musicfests. You will find it at Calvary Tabernacle also has an awesome website where you can listen to Bro. Mooney, Bro. Wayne Francis and others preach the wonderful word of God. Just go to


Theresa said...

IBC is going to be at our church on Tues., May 9th. If you and Ed feel like driving up, it sure would be good to enjoy their ministry with you!!!

Jewel said...

I will certainly mark my calendar, Theresa! I may come up, even if Ed isn't able to because of his work. He is off this next week because his students have testing here in Logan all week. Too bad they aren't going to be there THIS Tuesday,hm? Thanks for the info!