Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dragging here......

I've been soooooo tired the past couple of days! What is wrong with me? Well, first of all, I put in a full day Monday, Tuesday was pretty busy, too, and then, once again yesterday, I had a full day, plus I was in alot of pain, for whatever reason. Perhaps it was the weather, but it was almost unbearable, even though I was taking pain medicine. But, today, I am weak as a pup, as Ed would say. *little smile* I've managed to get quite a bit accomplished the past few days, even though I have been having to push myself somewhat. (I can just hear my friend, Pat. *feeble grin* Am I in for a scolding?) I have choir and music practice tonight, so I am off to rest for awhile, while Ed is gone. We are having a singspiration Sunday night at church and I have quite of bit of practicing to do before then.

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