Friday, April 20, 2007

A warm place

To make a short story long........we have not been using the woodburner for the past few days because it has been fairly nice during the day. AND our furnace motor went on the blink so we have not been able to use it. Here is Ellie laying on the area rug which we pulled up over the floor vent so she can lay there and soak up the heat when the furnace is running. This picture was taken a few weeks ago:
Well, since we aren't using the furnace, we have been using our propane wall heaters to heat our home. Well, Ellie, the kitty, has been at a loss as to where to find some warmth to lay on or near, because the wall heaters are a bit too high to really give her any direct heat. So yesterday, I got a load of warm clothes out of the dryer, put them on the bed and Ellie jumped up on the bed, onto those warm clothes pronto!! Now she knows she is not allowed to do that and "hair up the clothes", as Ed would say. So I scolded her and told her to get down, though I knew she was just looking for some warmth to lay on. She knows that warm stuff comes out of the dryer and when she hears me in the laundry room, sometimes she'll come in to see if I drop some warm piece of laundry on the floor, whereby she plops herself on it! *grin* So, after getting the clothes folded, I proceeded to get the iron out and press the button placket on one of Ed's clean shirts. And what do you think happened next? Ellie jumped right up on that shirt while it was still warm from the iron! Poooor once again, I scolded her and told her to get down, which she did. Well, I have to tell you that I was really beginning to feel sorry for her, so I got this grand idea. As you can see in this picture,
she has a little blanky that she lays on in front of the stove, but since there isn't any heat coming from the stove......I laid it around to the side of the stove. I then got our heating pad and placed it under the first layer of the blanky, plugged it in and turned that baby on! I then proceeded to wait and see how long it would take Miss Ellie to find the warm blanket and, believe me, it did not take long at all. *smile* Ed came home a while later and said he couldn't believe how I was spoiling that cat. I said that I just felt so sorry for her. Soooooooo, I get up this morning at about 6am and guess who had turned on the heating pad for Ellie? Mmmmhmmm, you guessed right...........Ed. Who's spoiling the cat? *grin* We just turn it on to about the minimum heat setting. I mean, we don't want fried kitty anytime soon. She is stuck to that warm blanky like glue, let me tell you. Here she is in all of her warm glory:


Barbara H. said...

Oh, that's cute about Ed turning it on for her!!

Poor kitty! It will turn warm soon -- I hope.

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara! Yes, he is a big softy at heart. *smile* It has indeed turned warm here. Today it was 78 degrees and Ellie was in the windows soaking up the sunshine or on the floor laying in the sunlight. She loves it!

Marcy said...

How sweet! Now, my mom has taken such spoiling to the next level -- her kitty not only has an electric blanket, but a kitty tent over it, too.

Jewel said...

I am amazed, Marcy, at how much we love this kitty! Even if she can be such a snoot sometimes! Keeps us humble, I guess. *feeble grin*