Monday, April 23, 2007

Today, I worked

No, seriously....I did....I actually worked an 8-hour job today. You see, some very good friends of mine own a printing business. A very BUSY printing business. Well, they had these books that had to be finished SOON, but they were done incorrectly by one of the employees, sooo instead of being done entirely by automation, they had to be done by hand. That is where I come in. They asked me yesterday, at church, if I would like to work at their shop today, doing these books and I said sure. Soooo, I showed up at 9am this morning, with my sack lunch, and worked until 5pm, with a couple of breaks in between. I wasn't sure how I would do, but I was able to sit on a cushioned stool and do this job, while also being able to stand occasionally and then walk around a bit and stretch, when needed. I really enjoyed the day, even if I was zonked when I left at five. This was the first time I have worked an 8-hour day outside of my home for about two years. Other than being really tired, I feel quite alright this evening. I am curious to see how I fare in the morning. *feeble grin* In the morning, I have hair to do at 6:30am and a piano lesson to give at 10am. I'm going to call the print shop afterward to see if they need me to come and finish up the job. If not, then it is back home, which I won't mind at all. *smile* Ed was so wonderful today and finished up the laundry while I was away. He also raked and cleaned all of the flower beds and finished planting several white pine trees that we got over the weekend. He was busy, busy today! After we both showered and all, we sat on the front porch and played with and petted Ellie and Rocky. It was a lovely evening here in our little valley. Well, I am going to take my weary self off to bed sleep,sleep, sleep. It has been a good and satisfying day.


Stace said...

I'm so jealous of you! I can't imagine not working full-time outside the home for TWO WHOLE YEARS!!! I'm sure you'll recover just fine after a good night's sleep. Pat the cat for a while, cats are very restful :)

Aidan said...

Great effort:)
I only work part time but that gives me a lot more time to tain and study... Stace is going part time to (hopefully) soon, so more time together and we can focus on our goals...

Hope you pull up ok:)


Jewel said...

Well, Stace, I've worked for most of my life, so I may have "earned" the privilege of staying home by now? *smile* I started working when I was 15 and have worked at something or other ever since. I will be 56 this year. I would probably be working at something part-time still if it were not for my physical ailments, which prevent me from holding down a permanent job, though I enjoy being home and taking care of things here and Ed, too, of course! ;-)

So you go to college, Aidan? What are you studying? What is your part-time job, if you don't mind me asking? Oh, and "tain" is short for "entertaining", I take it? *grin*