Thursday, April 19, 2007

You are not going to believe this!

I can hardly believe it myself. Okay, I had bought this little photo memories book thinking that if I started out small, I would stand more of a chance of finishing it. You see, I have been wanting to do some memory books for Daniel, our son, chronicling his life from the time that Ed and I were married to present day. Of course, the thought of doing something so elaborate discouraged me before I even got started......kind of overwhelmed me, you might say. Sooooo, I thought it might be best if I started "small". Welllllll.....I finished that little memories album yesterday! Now it isn't very fancy schmancy.......remember, I am not a detail-oriented person.....but it is cute, nonetheless, and I know that Daniel and Erin will love it. The only thing is, there are scarcely any pictures of me and Daniel, as I was always the picture-taker. :-( I've been looking for a picture of when I was expecting Daniel, but it is with a batch of pictures that I had gathered up for Daniel and Erin's wedding slide presentation. Welllll....when Erin returned the batch of pictures to me, I put them somewhere so I would remember where they were. Uh-huh. Right. Good-thinking. But now I can't remember where I put them!!!!!!! And I have looked EVERYWHERE for them. AND I consider myself to be an organized person! This has been happening more and more lately: Putting something somewhere so I'll remember where it is and then forgetting where I put it so I won't forget where it is. *siiiiggghhhhhhhh* Here are two pictures of the first two pages of the little album. The little blank area in the upper right hand corner of the gold page is for "me", if I ever find the pictures. *sigh* Help me, Lord Jesus......*feeble grin*

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