Monday, April 16, 2007

I love my day off!

Here we are and it is Monday, once again. I try to keep Monday as "unbusy" as possible. I don't schedule anything or make plans to do anything on Monday because the weekends, especially Sunday, are usually busy-busy. This past weekend was no exception. Of course, Friday is what I call "hair day" as I do hair for two ladies. One comes at 6:30am/the other at 8:30am and I usually do my hair in between. I have a regular chiropractic appointment on Friday mornings. After my appointment, I was still in quite a bit of pain and came right home. I had some things to do because a close friend had called that morning, on her way to work and asked if we could get together later in the evening for dinner and some much-needed conversation, on her part. I tell you, I don't know why my pain level has been so high, but I almost cancelled on her. Still, I must press on and I did. And I'm glad that I did. We went to a couple of clothing stores then out to dinner and had such a fun time and talked and laughed ourselves silly.

On Saturday, I started giving piano lessons to a new student. I give lessons at the church, as it is just more convenient. We live out in the country and the church is easier for people to find as it is on the main highway through our area. The first lesson with new students is usually pretty lengthy as we are getting to know one another, finding out how much they know, what my style of teaching is like and so on. I met this student at the Music Share Day in Dayton last month and we have just really hit it off. She is going to do very well, I know.

After our lesson, I ran a few errands then came home and fixed lunch. Then Ed and I went back to the church as Bro. Daniel Hamman came down to help us get our multi-media in place and all. Pastor Martin was there, too and the signing team was practicing. We had such a good time talking and all. We were there until about six that evening. It had been raining and was so chilly all day. It was good to finally get home and snuggle in for the evening.

This past Tuesday evening was our monthly ladies meeting at church. I tell you.....*laughing*......if it didn't move, Sis. Jody and Sis. Pam decorated it! Sheesh! LOL They decorated the fellowhip hall in an Easter theme and it was absolutely beautiful but we did tease them about decorating "everything"!!! *smile* Here a couples of pics:

As I was leaving for the ladies meeting, I almost decided to stay home.....because of the pain. I told Ed it is at times like these that I am tempted to just go to a wheelchair but I just can't. I have to keep moving. In fact, I am getting another pool membership this week at the local Amerihost Inn and I am also going to an exercise class for people with arthritis. Sooooo, I do press on and endeavor to keep myself moving and as limber and manage my pain, as much as possible. I told Dr. Gedeon, my chiropractor, that I feel about 35 INSIDE. Now, if I could just get the outside to cooperate. But he said feeling 35 inside will be a great help to me and also keeping a positive attitude. As Ed would say.....I AM keeping a positive attitude.....I'm positive I hurt. LOL He's very encouraging. *grin* He does keep me laughing and I cannot begin to tell you much that helps me. For instance, last Monday evening, Ed and I went shopping for me a pair of good tennis shoes. Dr. Gedeon told me that I needed them to cushion the blow to my back and hips and should wear them at home, too. So we are perusing the shoe selection. This is Ed: "Okay, let's see.....we having running shoes....mmhmm....and here we have walking shoes.....anddd, let's no limping shoes here...... they don't have limping shoes, babe." Velly funny. I did laugh. Okay, I really laughed. It was funny. See how he is? He makes me laugh and, to me, that is priceless. What would I do without him? "God must have spent a little more time on you....." My dear, wonderful husband....... it may be my day off, but "someone" is hungry and wanting lunch, so I am off to prepare some culinary delight for "him". *wink*

I'll blog more later! Have a great and blessed Monday!


Aidan said...

That's what it is all about, i love it when people twig onto the secret of life.... People.
"no limping shoes here"

Fantastic, love, support and friendship. What more could you need?

How long have the Two of you been married? I hope i can still make Stace laugh, smile, giggle for many years to come...

Theresa said...

Jewel, I swear our husbands had to have been raised in the same family! Ross would have made the same type of remark, and thought he was absolutely the most hilarious person around!

It is good to have someone to help you laugh through the tough times!

Jewel said...

Hi Aidan! We have been married for 21 years and it has just gotten better and better through the years. Our early years of marriage were pretty difficult but we are so thankful that we worked through them. It has been worth all of the difficult times to have what we have now. It surely sounds like you and Stace are off to a great start!
Yes, Theresa, it does sound like they must be distantly related or sumthin', from what we share about them on our blogs, hm? *smile* They're priceless!

Barbara H. said...

I'm so sorry about your back! You mentioned arthritis -- is that the culprit? I love your positive attitude. And I am so glad you have someone you can laugh with. :)

You know, I get discouraged that so few ladies attend our ladies' meetings. I just think if they did like you did and go anyway, they'd enjoy it so much. I do that sometimes -- sometimes going out in the evening is the last thing I want to do, but once I am there, I'm so glad I went.

Hope you're feeling better today!

Aidan said...

21 years wow, i could be rude and say something like you dont get that long for murder... But i wont:)

as that truly is amazing:) Any pointers?

Bibi said...

Ha! Monday is my favorite day to take off ... avoids those Monday blahs, and for some reason, I don't get them on Tuesday!

Jewel said...

Well, Barbara, I do have some arthritis in my back, disc deterioration *sp*, and I also have difficulty with my hips and knees, too. I've said from the waist up, I feel great! It's just from the waist down that I'm having trouble! *grin* But I keep on keepin' Jesus' name! I'm always glad that I go to our ladies' meetings and sometimes I have to really put forth the effort, but I always come away encouraged and feeling better.

*smile* Very funny, Aidan...actually that sounds like something Ed would say! *grin* (the 21 years for murder LOL)
Hmmmmm....any pointers? Just off the top of my head: Surrender your right to be right. It just doesn't matter, you know? We used to argue about the silliest things. Not that we thought they were silly THEN, but in retrospect, why did we think it was so important to win and be right?

Oh yes, Bibi, I love my Mondays. I don't have the blahs, I just need to rest and refresh! *smile*