Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You can't just take one!

This being a grandma is everything everyone said it would be and more! *smile* And I'm finding that taking ONE picture is just not enough! I mean, if little Jaylon changes his expression just an eeeeensy bit, I just feel compelled to snap another shot! *smile* I may not see THAT particular expression again, even if it is ALMOST the same as the previous one! He has soooo much personality! He has added so much joy and love to our life! are a few shots I got of him looking at his daddy the other evening as he was getting ready to go home!

And here are a couple of him sleeping! He loves to sleep with his arms up over his head as you can see.

I've always wanted to get my photos all in order and in albums and I do have some of them done, but I have sooooo many that still need to be organized!! I am just going to have to take the time and do it!!


Denise said...

He is so sweet.

Jewel said...

Thanks, Denise....I wish you all could see him "for real"! He is a such a charmer! *smile*