Friday, April 24, 2009

A few random thoughts

You are not going to believe this! I can hardly believe it myself! BUT both of our thermometers say the same thing! 90 degrees!! In April!! In Ohio!! Crazzzyyyyyy!!
But beautiful! It is absolutely gorgeous because the humidity is so low and there is a pretty gusty breeze a-blowin'! I've been outside a little, sitting on the backporch enjoying the breeze and sunshine for a few minutes, but mostly I've been inside taking care of little Jaylon, doing laundry, cooking for the day and weekend ahead, etc.
Today is Daniel's Friday off so he and his brother-in-law, Brian, went golfing early this morning, so I watched The Boy for them. Jaylon just gets more adorable every day! Here he is intently watching his mobile! *smile* It amazes me how he just visually locks onto something and stares at it for so long!
Here he is examining Grandpa's finger, though I hardly know what he finds so interesting about it, except that it moves maybe? *smile*
Here is Jaylon napping with Grandpa this morning. He is sacked out! *smile*
And here is Jaylon holding his head up (sorry about the blurry image)......way high, grandma says!! Wheee!!! (you know how we have to make a big deal out of anything they do!!! *smile*)
Here is Jaylon and Daniel, after the guys got home from golfing. Jaylon was laying on the bed watching me fold clothes when they got home, so Daniel just laid down on the bed and put Jaylon on his stomach. Jaylon loves his daddy! He gets soooo excited when he sees him!


Denise said...

It is beautiful here in Tennessee too.

Jewel said...

Hi Denise! so glad you are having wonderful weather there, too!

Bethany said...

I can't believe he is holding his head up like that already! Although I guess he is about 4 months old hm? It's hard to remember Nathen hitting all of those's pitiful how fast they grow up! Before you know it he'll be running and talking and carryin on...:(

Jewel said...

I know the time does fly, Bethany, that's why I take so many pictures! *smile* Hey, we are going to have to get together for lunch one day SOON!! Just you, me and the boys! *smile*