Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To blog or not to blog

Okay, here goes: I'm kind of having a discussion with myself publicly here,k?
I just don't seem to have the time to blog any more! And it never fails that as soon as I log onto the internet, Jaylon wakes up or starts crying or something, which I'm not complaining about at all. After all, he's a baby. But how does that happen anywayyyy? It's like he has a sixth sense or something: "She's logging onto the internet. Get ready. Take a deep breath. Okay. Now. Start crying. Fuss a little bit."
And by the time the evening comes, I'm too tired to want to get on the internet. I could start getting up earlier and do my blogging then but (said whiningly) I don't want to get up any earlier!
AND actually, in all honesty, I don't miss it THAT much. I miss reading everyone else's blogs more than blogging myself BUT blogging has become journalling for me, too.
*sighhhh* So what do you all (all two of you) think?
I will say that having high-speed internet at home would be a great help. Dial-up is horribly slow! But it doesn't look like that is going to change anytime soon at our house!


Denise said...

I love all the things you write, you are a sweet blessing.

Theresa said...

Jewel, I think it's just the season. Everyone seems to be slowing down on their blogging right now. Some for family reasons, others because they are so busy doing other things. Just blog when you can.

Oh, & I so understand about the dial-up issue. (We have dial-up because I'm too cheap to pay for anything faster, right now.)

Barbara H. said...

I know of one lady who baby-sits her grandkids who basically only blogs once a week on weekends -- more if she has a day without the children or if she has something really quick. I don't think blogging has to be all or nothing -- frequent or nothing at all. Just whatever works for the stage of life you're in. I'm glad to hear from you whenever you have time! But I understand family comes first.

chantell said...

Aww, Sis. Jewel, I hope you continue to blog. We'll understand if it's less frequent than usual, but I would be sad if you decided to call it quits.

Jewel said...

Thank you so much, each one of you sweet ladies. I'll just have to blog when I can which I may do on the weekends as Barbara suggested. But, stay tuned, there will be more blogging here in my little valley. Oh, and I am having some serious computer problems, too, on top of it all! Grrrrr!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Glad to hear you will keep on blogging! I love the updates...not to mention the pictures on that adorable grandson of yours!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

Thanks, Mrs. NB! There are more pictures on the way! *smile*