Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sleep, precious sleep

Most mornings, as soon as Ed and I get out of bed, after I start the morning coffee, I make our bed. Some mornings as I'm making that bed, all I can think about is how many hours it will be before I can crawl back in between those wonderful covers. *sighhhhh* That's pretty bad isn't it? *feeble grin*

Since we've started taking care of little Jaylon, I've found myself crawling into bed by 8pm. The first fews nights of doing this, I went right to sleep but then as I adjusted, I began reading for awhile, usually falling asleep after nine o'clock.

BUT what I didnt' tell you was that some evenings I would be so tired that I just watched the clock ,waiting for the time to pass, waiting for eight o'clock to get here so I could go to bed. I mean, I didn't want to go to bed before eight o'clock! That might mean that I was old and worn out, for heaven's sake!! *feeble grin*

Welllllll.....then the time change happened and eventually it was still daylight out at eight!!! Egads!!! I surely couldn't be going to bed while it was still daylight!!
Sooooooooo, I moved my bedtime to nine o'clock. *sighhhhhh*
Who would have ever thought that IIIIIII would be going to bed soooo early?!?!? Me. The one who used to have lock-ins with the young people ALL NIGHT! Me. The one who used to stay up till all hours of the night taking the young people to Mid-Winter, to King's Island, to wherever, driving the van. Me. The one who used to be able to go on just a few hours of sleep.

She's gone. Never to return again, I'm afraid. And that is okay. I've entered another season of life. And alot of it has to do with accepting that I can't do all that I used to but I can still accomplish alot. The hours have just changed a little, that's all.

I love my bed. I love to sleep. I love to snuggle under the warm covers. Just 13 more hours until we meet's a church night ;-)...... Ahhhhhhh.......I can hardly wait.....


Theresa said...

I can so relate to that early bed time! I would probably be able to stay up later if I didn't have to get up so doggone early! However, there is nothing so wonderful as snuggling into my nice warm bed with a good book.

I enjoyed all of the fun pics of Jaylon. He's growing so fast!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

WOW! Look at all these posts! I love the picture of your treasured bed. I think I want to crawl in there for a nap as well! ;0)

Jaylon is so adorable. I don't blame you for all of the pictures. Nope, not one bit.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

Hi Theresa! Oh yes, I did forget to mention that I get up at 6am every morning because Jaylon gets here at 6:30 and he is usually awake!!
Hi, Mrs. NB! Yes, aren't you proud of me for all of the posts!? It's about time, hm? *grin* And well, yes, you, of all people would understand the picture-taking thing because of your three cutie-pies, hm?

Denise said...

Sweet blessings to you dear.

Graceful Threads said...

Your bed does look very inviting. Your post reminds me of a message by Bro Morton. He said we should all invest in a good bed,good shoes and a good car because if we are not in one we are in another.

I thought we were supposed to require less and less sleep as we grow older. I guess grandbabies know how to wear ya down though.



Jewel said...

Hi Denise! Hope you and LB are doing well! Thanks for stopping by!

Hi CM! That sounds like an excellent message *smile*! I feel like I need MORE! LOL

Barbara H. said...

I should goto bed earlier -- but I just love that feeling when everyone is in bed and the house is all quiet. I do love naps during the day, though! Like you, I can't go without adequate sleep any more, at least not for long.

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara! I'm usually in bed by ten and up by six, which I didn't mention in my post and it is so great when I can get a nap in, too!