Friday, April 24, 2009

Bits of helpful info!

I am not sure where I gathered some of this info but it has been so helpful to me that I thought I would share it with you!
First of all, I love celery. BUT, it was difficult to keep it fresh in the fridge for very long. I happened to read SOMEWHERE that it will keep indefinitely if you wrap it in aluminum foil and it WORKS!! I have celery in my fridge right now that I know I have had for a month at least and it is still fresh and crisp!

Also, I like to keep lettuce on hand but you know how quickly it goes bad. Well, when I get it home, I immediately core it.....leaving the core in will cause the lettuce to take on a bitter taste in time. So after coring the head of lettuce, I put it in a food storage bag, as is, leaving the storage bag open. I wash the lettuce as I use it because I think putting the wet head of cabbage in the bag will cause it to go bad more quickly. The important thing here is to leave the bag OPEN because some kind of gas builds up if you seal the bag tightly which causes the lettuce to go bad.

And lastly.....cottage cheese will keep fresh for a loooooonnnggg time IF you store it in the fridge by turning the carton upside down! I read this somewhere a long time ago and it really does work! You just have to be careful to invert the carton, let it set for a minute or so, before opening, so you don't end up with a mess when you open the carton.

That's all of the food hints......for now.....I'll share more as I remember them or get them. *smile*

One really handy outside tip that Ed and I learned by trial and error was to use mild bleach water in our garden sprayer to get rid of black mildew and green mold that might appear on the siding on your house, garage or out-buildings. Ed said that he puts about 1 1/2 cups of bleach in a tank of water. I believe our garden sprayer tank holds 2 gallons. Just spray the bleach water on and watch the mildew and algae disappear. He then sprays the siding down with clear water. No scrubbing or buying expensive cleaners!
That is all for now!! :-)


Denise said...

Such great tips, thanks for sharing.

Jewel said...

You are very welcome!!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

LOVE the celery tip!!! Thanks!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

You are welcome!