Monday, November 24, 2008

What is going on???

Would you believe that we have freezing rain here this morning and school is on a two-hour delay? I just don't know when winter has hit so early here in southeastern Ohio and it has been like this since the beginning of November. Brrrrr....We usually don't have weather like this until January or February. And there doesn't seem to be any end in least not for this week! Double Brrrrrrrrrr!!!

Well, last Thursday, after blogging, I was walking in the kitchen, going over to get something out of my purse, when I slipped or tripped or did something equally ungraceful and fell against the counter at an angle, SO I was able to catch myself, sort of, so that I didn't completely fall, but I kind of jammed my right leg (the one just operated on) at an angle. Thankfully, Ed was home. He helped me up, checked me out and helped me lay down. I've had some extra pain in both hips and my back but I am sure that I didn't damage anything to the point that I need to go to the doctor to have things checked out. Today, being Monday and three days later, I feel that I am pretty well back to a normal post-operative level of pain and discomfort. *feeble grin*

We went to church last night because I just HAD to go seeing as how there isn't a service on Wednesday night. (Our pastor cancels the night before Thanksgiving, which makes it nice for ladies who are cooking and who have family and company coming in for the holidays and all). It was so wonderful to see everyone and to worship with the family of God. Is there any place like the house of the Lord and spending time in His presence with the precious saints of the Lord? I was so strengthened and refreshed afterwards.

Ed and I HAVE to get some Thanksgiving shopping done today or tomorrow. More than likely, it will be ED! *grin* I would just love to go into the stores and just browse but I am not quite up to it yet. It feels like it has been AGES since I've done any shopping. AND I don't even like to shop! I shop because I HAVE to! And now, here I am, whining a little about wishing I could go into the stores and look around. See? I HAVE been cooped up too long!!! *smile* But it will be worth it, when I am finally able to walk normally and get around. I'm still finding it difficult to imagine!

But, as I was saying, we don't even have a turkey yet!! Though we won't be home here for dinner, I always cook Thanksgiving food for us to have over the long weekend. Oh, and I'm cooking my turkey using this method, found at Sis. Tracy's holiday blog. We are going to our daughter-in-law's family dinner for Thanksgiving. It is always held at her Aunt Darlene's and we have a wonderful time. I always look forward to the time after dinner when we gather around the table and play games! I love playing games and that is one of the things I miss most about Daniel no longer being at home. We played games all of the time. In the winter, we always had a game of Monopoly going never ended! Well, because we did the banking thing where you could borrow money and all. We had so much fun!!

Well, that is it for now! Have a blessed Monday, everyone!!


Barbara H. said...

Oh, Jewel -- I am so glad you didn't injure your leg or hip any further! That would have been hard.

I love playing games, too, but it is hard to get the family together for some. I hope to over Thanksgiving break.

We don't have out turkey yet, either -- our freezer isn't big enough for one, so I wait until Mon. or Tues. every year and then just stick it in the refrigerator.

I don't like shopping, either, but sometimes it is easier than trying to give a list to someone else. Plus I get ideas while I am at the store -- I don't always remember to put every little thing down on a list.

At our church during Thanksgiving week we change the usual Wed. night meeting to Tuesday and have a praise/testimony time. It's one of my favorite services of the year.

Hope you have a great week!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and continue to rest and heal!!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

My sister's church does that, Barbara and it sounds wonderful. We did have a time of testimony and thanksgiving last night in service.
My DH has gotten to be a great shopper since I've not been able to. But I know what you mean about getting ideas while you're at the store and remembering things you forgot to put on the list.
Have a great week with your family! ((HUGS))
Mrs. Nurse Boy! It's good to see you. You have a blessed Thanksgiving, too!! ((HUGS))