Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Big Bird Thanksgiving

We hadn't been married very long. Daniel was just a baby. I was so excited about cooking Thanksgiving dinner in our new home. It was just going to be for me, Ed and Daniel. Well, actually, we were going to be having a big dinner with my family at one of my sibling's homes but I've always cooked dinner for us so we have leftovers and all AND the smells of delicious Thanksgiving food fill the house!
Anywayyyy......we were shopping at Festival Food in Lancaster for our Thanksgiving food and they had turkeys for $ .19 a pound!! Wow! So I ended up getting our turkey for just under $5! What a bargain! What I didn't take into consideration.....until I got home....was that I had purchased a 26lb. turkey for the THREE of us and one of us was a little toddler!!! Oh my!!! Ed asked me what I was thinking when I bought such a big turkey and I told him that I was just thinking of what a bargain it was!! LOL He had to buy me a new roasting pan to cook it in because I didn't have anything big enough. I can't remember what we did with ALL of that turkey but we've certainly never forgotten it!


Stace said...

haha great story!! Sounds like something I would do ;)

Jewel said...

Thanks, Stace...I don't feel so "blonde" now. LOL

Susie Homemaker said...

That's a funny story...and a fond memory now!


Marianna said...

What a wonderful memory!


Jewel said...

Hi Susie! Love the 'Susie Homemaker'! *smile* Yes, it is a very fond AND funny memory! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Hi Marianna....we've had so many wonderful laughs over that turkey, let me tell ya! LOL Thanks for stopping by!