Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One week and counting

Ed and I went to the library yesterday evening and, once there, we realized we had forgotten my walker, but I was determined to get some books. Ed held on to me and helped me as much as he could but I probably should have just stayed in the car and went another day. It was painfully difficult for me to try and walk without my walker. I've paid a bit of a price for my little outing by having to rest most of the day today while still taking the time to do my required exercises. I am virtually pain free in my left hip now, which I find amazing. Of course, my range of motion is limited and will only improve after I am able to do physical therapy. It is indeed a process. We are endeavoring to get everything done and in place for my surgery next Tuesday....hip replacement #2. *sigh* I've had people ask me if I think this one will be easier because I've already had one done and I know what to expect and I said, kind of whiningly..."Nooooooo...." *feeble grin* Actually, I don't think it will be THAT bad. I mean, I know it is going to HURT. Like, helloooooo. LOL BUT, there are these wonderful things called PAIN PILLS! Thank you, Jesus. AND I have this wonderful husband who is an absolute angel. I do get concerned about him having to help me so much and especially when I've just gotten to the place where I can lay down and get up by myself and now we start all over again......AND we have to switch sides of the bed AGAIN. (Have I told you how patient and kind and helpful this wonderful husband of mine is?) Okay, I won't go on about it all anymore. At least not for this posting. *smile*
The chest muscle that I pulled is almost back to normal which is so great. I can now just about sneeze normally, and trust me, this is a good thing.


Theresa said...

Jewel, consider yourself beat with a wet noodle! How could you forget the walker??? Don't you need it to get from the front door to the car??? (As I used to ask my mother, Do we need to handcuff you to it??)

Actually, you have done so well, I'm really proud of you (and Ed) for all of the hard work! AND I'm glad that you are mostly pain free in the one hip. I'm praying for the second surgery/recovery to go just as well! ((HUGS))

Jewel said...

Well, let me 'splain here a bit. I have a "regular" walker that I use here at home in the house and to get to the car. I keep my rollating walker in the car for w hen I go to church or wherever. The rollating walker was the one we forgot to put in the other car we took. *sigh* I sure hope we don't do THAT again! Thank you so much for you concern. Love you, Theresa ((HUGS))