Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's me again!

Well, I got one lady's hair done and the other switched her time to Thursday morning, so that helped out as far as my busy morning went. I put pepper steak in the oven for Ed and made mashed potaotes to go with it for his lunch. I then managed to do my piano lesson at church and then Laura and I went out for lunch. You might wonder how I do all that I do when I say that I am in pain. Well, I just push myself and ask the Lord to help me because I can't just quit. I have to keep moving and besides I had not been anywhere since Sunday. I had a couple of errands to take care of, too. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, so I am thankful that I can be outside and about to enjoy it.
I've had a bit of a problem here of late. You see, Ed and I took care of a couple of business matters last week where we had to send some forms in. They had to do with our retirement plans. Both of them had to notarized and so on. So we were very careful. Had copies made of everything and mailed them off. Wellllll......we got a call last Friday saying we forgot to enlcose a copy of his birth certificate with the form. I said we enclosed the form! But after checking, Ed found the copy in the folder where we keep this info! *sigh* AND THEN I got a letter saying I had sent the copies instead of the originals. Okay, I KNEW for sure this time that I HAD sent the originals, BUT upon checking MY folder saw that I had indeed sent the copies! *sigh* AND THEN after I posted early this morning, Becky left me a comment and told me that I had said, "Good THURSDAY morning to all" instead of TUESDAY!!! Oh my word!!!!
If I have an excuse it is that pain tends to cloud your thinking sometimes. Now I do take one darvocet every 6 hours for pain but it doesn't make me groggy or dopey or anything. It just takes the edge off of the pain. So anywayyy....that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it! *smile* Oh, and I did get all of the proper papers sent off and on their way. *feeble grin*

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