Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Tuesday Morning to all!

Well, I am up early (5:30ish) because I have a lady coming at her usual 6:30 to have her hair done and another lady coming at 7:30. The second lady usually comes on Friday morning but she has been on vacay in California and just got home and needs a "do" in the worst way! *smile* Then I have a piano lesson at 10:00am at the church. I am just praying (seriously) that I can manage all of this. You see......I went to my chiropractor Friday. It had been three weeks since I had last seen him. Well, I have been in pretty bad shape since then. I mean, I know that usually after my session, that I am going to feel a bit worse before I feel any improvement but it has lingered this time. I was unable to do anything Friday evening and or Saturday. I could barely get around here at home and had to use my rollating walker here in the house whereas I usually only use it when I go somewhere. Our home is smallish and I can usually hold onto something when I walk around here. Oh, and I got a NEW rollating walker. I had been using a friend's but she needed it for a day or so, sooooooo.......here came Ed home Friday evening with a new buggy for me!!! Isn't he just the sweetest? It is a gorgeous blue....to match my eyes! I'll take a pic of it soon and post it here for you. Anywayyyyyy.......the pain level has really been UP there. But if there is one thing that pain will do, it will keep you close to the Lord. And it causes you to realize what is really important in life. My, but when I look back at all that I thought I just HAD to do or things that HAD to be done, I realize how wrong I was. I think of Mary and Martha, in the Bible, and how the Lord told Martha that Mary had chosen the better part in sitting at His feet, spending time with Him, listening to Him. And somehow He becomes so much more precious in the difficult places of our life. I'm reminded of a poem that I read many years ago, so I googled it and here it is. I know many of you have probably read it at some time. Enjoy!

Slow me down, Lord!
Ease the pounding of my heart
By the quieting of my mind.
Steady my hurried pace
With a vision of the eternal reach of time.
Give me,
Amidst the confusion of my day,
The calmness of the everlasting hills.
Break the tension in my nerves
With the soothing music of the singing streams
That live in my memory.
Help me to know
The magical restoring power of sleep.
Teach me the art
Of taking minute vacations of slowing down
To look at a flower;
To chat with an old friend or make a new one;
To pat a stray dog;
to watch a spider build a web;
to smile at a child;
or to read a few lines from a good book.
Remind me each day
That the race is not always to the swift;
That there is more to life than increasing its speed.
Let me look upward
Into the branches of the towering oak,
And know that it grew great and strong
Because it grew slowly and well.
Slow me down, Lord,
And inspire me to send my roots deep
Into the soil of life's enduring values
That I may grow toward the stars
Of my greater destiny.
Wilferd Arlan Peterson (1900-1995).


The Muffin said...

Sis.Jewel? Did you notice you put thursday on the title? And it's tuesday? (And my birthday)

Jewel said...

Oh my goodness!! You're right, Becky! What is wrong with me???? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, sweet girl! No one deserves it more than you! SEVENTEEN!!! Are you driving? I've not heard or read anything on your blog about you driving. Oh, and my computer is still freezing up when I visit your blog. *sigh* I'm going to the library today so I'll be sure and come by and leave a bunch of way-overdue comments,k? Love you, Becky!! ((HUGS)) Now! I gotta go change that title!

~Tr@cy~ said...

Oops. I accidently left my comment for this post under Sunday's post.... you can read it there =)

Jewel said...

I got it!! *smile*

Rhonda Munoz said...

You were right to be concerned about the pain lingering longer than it should have. I do hope that your chiropractor was able to find out why it happened and was able to fix it for you. Regular visits to the chiropractor are usually the best way to make sure that the problem is completely dealt with. The treatments change as the aches heal, of course, and chiropractors know best how to keep the pain away.