Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Children's Sunday Festival!

This past Sunday, we had a Children's Sunday Festival with Bro. and Sis. Will Rowland and Bro. and Sis. Ken Cook. Prior to Sunday, Bro. and Sis. Cook, along with the youth and several other people from church did outreach in Logan. They went out three or four evenings and on Saturday. Sis. Martin, our pastor's wife, has worked tirelessly for this great day. I am not sure of the exact number but we had approximately 160-170 in attendance Sunday morning!!! There are no words to describe how awesome it was!!! Bro. Rowland did a marvelous job of presenting the gospel to these wonderful adults, youth and children in his own inimitable way. Bro. and Sis. Cook organized and took care of the prize give-a-ways and also the transportation. Sis. Martin, the youth and others had organized games in the fellowship hall and outside for the kids, after the morning service. Pizza and beverages were provided for everyone. And in the shelter house, ladies were giving out popcorn, snowcones and ice cream to everyone. It was such a wonderful day! Ed and I left church at around 4 o'clock that afternoon and there were many, many people still there. We had two new young couples in attendance. And at the end of service, several children and youth were at the altar praying. I believe that this is the jump-start that our church has needed and I will be forever grateful to Bro. and Sis. Cook for all of the love and hard work they have poured into First Church and Logan.

Here is a picture of the sanctuary Sunday morning before service. It is a bit dark but you can still see how beautiful it looks!

This is Bro. Rowland with his chicken just before he led the kids in a rousing version of "The Holy Ghost Will Take the Chicken Out of You!" *smile* What a ministry he and his wife have!
I'll post more pictures but, at the moment, blogger seems to be having some issues with photo uploading. Stay tuned!!! *smile*


Don Ryan said...

Wil Rowland, all around good guy AND Ohio Sunday School Board member (Section 3). Ken and Julie Cook? Eh, whatever.

I hope she reads this.

Jana Dolan said...

That's great Sis. Jewel!!!!

Jewel said...

Hey, Donnie, do you know if Bro.Rowland has a website? If he doesn't, he surely should have one! See how you brothers can be? *grin* She told me that your dad gave her a message to give me but she couldn't remember what it was. That's probably for the best, knowing your dad, hm? *smile* And that is wonderful that Bro. Rowland is on the SS board! He is awesome and has such a burden for children.
Thanks, Sis. Jana, it truly is and God is blessing and moving!

Theresa said...

I just love the Rowlands and the Cooks!! Their ministries are truly blessed! Glad to hear the good reports from Logan. ((HUGS))