Monday, December 11, 2006

Tis the Season to be Jolly!!

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to ask those of you who read my blog to let me know if it is difficult to read. Would you please leave a post, letting me know. I ask this because my nephew, Troy, says it is difficult to read....the black on the pink background. I don't have a problem reading it at all and I have trifocals. I'm eager too hear from you!

Several of the young people and two young married couples and I went to Easton in Columbus Saturday afternoon. I had never been there so I was quite excited about going as I have heard alot about it. I was a little concerned about how I would do getting around, though. It was a bit tedious but I managed and everyone was really helpful and patient with me. We ate at Hometown Buffet on Morse Road, because everywhere else was sooooooo crowded and the wait times were unbelievable...2 1/2 hours at the Cheesecake Factory. We had a great time eating and having fun at Hometown Buffet and then it was on to Easton. I have never seen so many stores in one complex in my whole entire life! Oh My Word! And this is a non-shopper talking here. I do not like to all. I only buy clothes because I look better with them on than off. *feeble grin* I love it when people GIVE me clothes. I buy an occasional piece of clothing to add to my wardrobe. That way I don't have to actually go shopping for a lengthy period of time. The one place I can shop and always find something to add to my wardrobe is Value City in Lancaster. I am thankful for it. *smile* Anywayyyy.....back to Easton. I have never been to any place like it! It was all decked out for the holidays! I took a horse and buggy ride with Stacy and Jeremy and Caleb, which was just awesome and just the right time of the year for doing so. After our ride, we walked on to the enclosed portion of Easton so Stacy could get a Cinnabon! She had to have a Cinnabon! While we were sitting there eating our Cinnabons.....she bought us each could I not eat it??.....while we were sitting there a huge roar went up amidst the crowd and we wondered what in the world had happened only to find out that Troy Smith had won the Heisman!!! Yeehaa!!! It was shown at a sports shop nearby on a bigscreen TV. So, after 4 hours at Easton, we finally headed back to the van and started home but not before going downtown and looking at the Christmas lights at the Statehouse and downtown Columbus. Nationwide Insurance on Broad Street has an awesome nativity display. If you are in downtown Columbus you need to go by and see it. Ed and I took Daniel to see it when he was about four years old and I was hoping that it would still be there. The youth loved it. Soooooo...then it was homeward bound for us! Stacy and Jeremy live in a huge subdivision in Lancaster and they directed us around it to see the different light displays. You should have heard us critiquing *sp* them. "You don't put big lights with small lights!" "You don't mix white lights with colored lights!" "All they did was throw some lights in a tree!" It was so funny!! And so much fun!! Oh, and on the way home we sang Christmas carols. We sounded really good.......on some of them.
One of the really neat things about the evening was the fact that in our group that went, we had such a wide range of ages. Firstly, I am 55. The youngest person was 15. And we had all ages in between: 35, 25, 22, 19, 16. You would never have known it! We all just got along so well and had a great evening! We had planned on arriving back at the church by 10pm at the latest, but did not get there until midnight. Yessssss.....I called parents and told them that we were running a tad late, but, not to worry, we would gladly bring their young people home! So it all worked out well.
I didnt' have any trouble getting up Sunday morning and we had a wonderful service, but after I got home and we had dinner, I hit the bed, let me tell you! I slept for almost 2 1/2 hours! It was great! *smile* Sunday afternoon sleep is the best sleep of the week! Can I get an "Amen"????? *smile* Then it was on to church that evening and we had such a wonderful service and the presence of the Lord was so sweet in our midst as we worshipped Him.
Today I have been kind of wiped out. That is the only way to describe how I feel, but Monday can be kind of a tough day for me. I know many of you will understand when I say that I just expend so much of myself on Sundays doing music, leading worship, teaching class, etc. I love doing it all, but sometimes it does drain me quite a bit. So Mondays tend to be my day of rest. *smile* Tomorrow night is our ladies Christmas party at church. I am fixing pickle wraps and fruit pizza to take. I am going to a Christmas party with my sister Debbie on Wednesday evening at 6pm with her suppport group. I will be going to church afterward. On Thursday, three of my NYC girlfriends....and I are having lunch at Annie's Cheesecake in Lancaster. THENNNNNN.....our family...the Peters' having their annual Christmas family get-together at church on Saturday at 4pm after the church Christmas program practice at 1pm. Does this all sound familiar to all of you out there? *grin* Oh, but it IS the most wonderful time of the year!!! *smile* Well, the Lord's best to each of you and may you be enjoying the festivities of the season with your friends and loved ones, as I am!! God Bless.....I'm going to bed!!! *smile* *yawwwwwn*


Donnie said...

The black on pink is a little tedious. Perhaps you should add a sinister snowman.

Jewel said...

Hmmmm...really??? Well, I may have to have Liz help me change my template. I'm just not sure about the sinister snowman, though. *grin* I prefer a cuddly-type snowman. *smile* We'll see!

Theresa said...

Jewel, I don't have any problem at all reading it. Maybe it's just a "guy thing".

pat c. said...

I liked it better efore you added the background............but i`ll read it any ole` way you post it

Jewel said... IS rather strange that only the guys have difficulty with it, hm??? Maybe that thing about guys being colorblind IS true!?