Friday, December 01, 2006

Only in Ohio!

Well, whatever kind of weather you like, we had it today! The day started out at a balmy 63 degrees and overcast. Then came the rain. Buckets of it. A couple of hours later, the sun shone through for a very short while. Next came the wind. Whooooooooosh!! A couple of hours later, and little ice pellets and snow flurries began to fall from the sky. Plus the temperature had dropped into the 30's! And the wind continued to come and blow and whoosh! Boy, did it whoosh!! There are power outages all over the area, though, thankfully, we have not been without power.....this time......yet. And now it looks like Old Man Winter is here for at least the next 7-10 days, maybe longer. I mean, it is winter, hm??? Stay warm and dry, wherever you are!! God Bless!! Oh, and here is a picture that looks rather cozy, don't you think?? *smile* It is my "almost" completely decorated Christmas tree. My Christmas tree is always a work in progress, at first. You know the drill: Assemble tree (if it is artificial, which, in this case, it is); wait a day or two; put lights on tree; pause; put tree skirt around the bottom of the tree; a day or two passes; get out the rest of the storage bins; put a big bow on the top of the tree; a few more hours pass; drape garland around the tree; put a few bows on the tree.........and that is where I am at, at the present time. I just have to finish putting the ornaments on and it will be complete, but, hey, it doesn't look bad for an unfinished tree, hm??? *grin*

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