Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Past

Happy Day After Christmas, Everyone! This had to be the wettest, rainiest Christmas day I can ever remember! Whew! BUT, the nastiness outside sure did make the house feel cozy. I turned on all of the Christmas lights and lit candles throuhout the house. It was soooooo warm and snuggily in here! We spent a quiet day at home. Daniel and Erin came up about mid-morning and we exchanged gifts and had something to eat. They had their big Christmas dinner with Erin's family at two Christmas afternoon. Erin got Daniel an electric guitar and amplifier for Christmas! He has always wanted to learn to play the guitar, though I think he is best on the drums. He has such a gift playing the drums! But I am sure there is room for another talent there, hm? (oh, and did I mention that he has a wonderful singing voice? *grin*) After they left, Ed and I had dinner. Then at about three in the afternoon, I went to my sister Debbie and we exchanged gifts, drank some delicious coffee and had such a nice visit. We have never missed a Christmas being together. We have been through so much together over the years. I talked to each of my siblings Christmas morning, as is our tradition. I think most of them had a fairly quiet Christmas day, after spending Christmas Eve with their children and grandchildren. Daniel left his keys, wallet, and phone here earlier in the day so we took them down to him last night at about 8pm. Erin was sleeping because she had to go to work last night at 10. Daniel showed us his Christmas gifts and we had a nice visit with the grand-doggies. They were all kind of subdued last night, which was nice for a change.
Daniel likes things to be organized, so I got him a belt caddy for one of his stocking stuffers. I also got Erin one. He was showing us clothes and ties that he got for Christmas and sure enough, when we went into their walk-in closet.....which is actually their smallest bedroom which has been converted into a walk-in closet.....he had already put all of his belts on BOTH of the belt organizers and had them hanging on the clothes rack. He loves things like that. I saw that he needs another tie rack, so I am going to be on the lookout for one for him.
The above post was typed the day after Christmas. I am just now posting it because of a slight computer glitch which has now been corrected! (thank you, Ed *smile*)

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