Friday, December 22, 2006

Are you a nap person? AND an animal lover?

Well, first off, I AM a nap person, meaning I love to take naps, though I usually only take one on Sunday afternoons, which, in my humble opinion, is the best nap time of all!! AND when I take my Sunday afternoon siesta, I almost always sleep on my back, so as not to mess up my hair because I will be heading back to church when I wake up and this saves me a little time. And I also sleep on my back with a pillow tucked under my knees for my back's sake....*smile*. Anywayyyy...that is why I posted this pic of this cute little puppy sleeping on his back. Isn't he adorable???? (I don't look that adorable when I sleep on my me on this one...*feeble grin*.....well, okay, my mother might have thought so, but she's the only one.) My husband said this pic is a good example of how I look when I am "out", a.k.a. asleep. Dead to the world. He is amazed at how I can just crawl into bed, lay down and go to sleep. I mean, I'm out. He, on the other hand, is like an old hound dog trying to find a place to lay down. He pounds and punches his pillows. Kicks the covers out at the foot of the bed. Moves around getting all situated. Gets his head positioned just right on the pillow. Sometimes I just bust out laughing. I can't help it. He is just so rowdy and noisy when he is getting settled into bed. Soooooo, when I go to bed quite a bit before him, I always ask him to please be a little quiet when he comes to bed and he is, bless his sweet heart. Oh, and when he naps, it is always in his recliner, though I've told him recliner naps just aren't as good as crawling into the good ol' bed kind of naps, which is what I do on Sunday afternoons. None of this laying on top of the bedspread with a cover over me. Huh-uh. This is the only time I have the bed to myself and I savor it. *smile* Though when I go to bed at night, especially on a chilly night, I couldn't imagine not having Ed right there beside me. I've told him on more than on occasion that I just love sleeping with him. He is such a good cuddler. Okay, okay, I'll stop RIGHT there! *grin* (I may have already told you more than you wanted to hear, hm?) Happy Three Days Before Christmas!!!! God's Blessings to you!!

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Theresa said...

I do understand the nap love!! However, at our house we are opposite you and Ed--Ross wants to lay down and stretch out under the covers, I prefer to snooze in a recliner. Unfortunately, the only recliner we have room for right now is Mom's lift-chair recliner, (Mom's stuff takes up about 1/3 of our living room) so, I'm doomed to laying down in bed on Sunday afternoons. Well, here's to a good nap for you today! Love you!