Friday, December 08, 2006

A few random thoughts

I thought I had mentioned this, but in reading over some previous posts, I realized that I hadn't. As I was riding on our church's Christmas float in the annual Logan Christmas Parade, I was fighting tears the whole way. Those of us riding the float were waving and wishing those along the parade route "Merry Christmas". Of course, having lived here all of my life, I knew so many of the people. Everyone was so receptive and waved back and returned the holiday wishes. My heart was so touched. I had a lump in my throat the whole time and was discreetly wiping away tears, too. Come to find out, another lady riding the float and my pastor's wife, felt the same way. At the end of the parade, the three of us just kind of let down our guard and cried a bit. I just saw so many people who need the Lord; so many people who used to know the Lord and for whatever reason, no longer serve Him. I prayed along the way that the Lord would somehow reach out and touch those that we were seeing that day. You could just feel something palpable going on between us and the crowds. Several of the youth passed out candy. Sis. Martin and Sis. Cheryl carried our church banner out in front. They looked so cute dressed in red and green, Santa hats, and bells on their shoes. Oh, wait, I'll post a pic of them here for you to see. Pastor Martin rode in the truck with Bro. Brad. My husband and Bro. Jeremy rode in the back of the pickup truck and kept the young people's baskets filled with candy to pass out to the children. I pray that the Lord will continue to use our presence in the parade to touch people's hearts and bring them to Him.

I went to Walmart this afternoon to buy some yarn to finish up two afghans I am making for gifts. Again, my heart was just so touched by the people I saw and met and came in contact with. Again, I struggled to control the tears. My heart just ached for those that I saw. I thought of the scripture in Matthew that says: "But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd." Truly, people need the Lord.

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