Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just Livin' Life to the Fullest! anyone still out there, interested in reading my blog? :-)

We've been helping Daniel and Erin move into their new home, cooking meals for them, taking care of little Jaylon more than we mind that at all! Not! :-).....carrying boxes, painting, scrubbing and cleaning, anything and everything that needs to be done, all the while taking care of things here at home and enjoying some activities that we like.

Below is a picture of their kitchen, which I think is just adorable. It will have more red in it, eventually, but as you can see, it is black, white, stainless and will also have red in it when finished.
Next is a picture of their little house. Well, it LOOKS little but it is like an optical illusion when you step inside because it has so much ROOM inside......two big bedrooms, one smaller one, a ginormous bathroom, two very nice-sized living rooms, one of which they are making kind of an office/study room out of, and there is a laundry room. There is also a small partial basement.
They have a spacious two-car garage that has alot of extra room for storage, an attached carport right by the back door and a rather small yard but that is good because they don't have alot of time for maintaining much of a yard anyway. Jaylon will still have plenty of room for toys and a swingset and all next summer! :-)

Jaylon just loves his new home AND his new BIG bedroom. It seems he is in their playing every time I've been there. He has so much more room now to play and all. But he hasn't been sleeping very good at night and we are praying that that resolves itself as he gets used to his new bedroom and surroundings.

Well, I have an appointment with the chiropractor in about a half-hour, so I am going to post this and be on my way!!

Oh, there are a couple of really cute pictures of the little guy down below, too! :-)

And those two cute critters laying on the doggie bed are our two grand-doggies. The boxer is Heidi and the Jack Russell is Macie.


Joyce said...

I'm still reading : )

A new house is so exciting...I love the kitchen!

Barbara H. said...

Yep! I'm here when you're here! :-)

That is a cute kitchen. Black and white and red seem to be the in colors -- my daughter-in-law uses them and some brides I know have registered for things in those colors.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I love that kitchen! How adorable. That house will be such a blessing to all of them. And, those grand-dogs are quite adorable as well. Looks like they are living the good life for sure!

Mrs. NB

Theresa said...

Good to hear from your end of Ohio! Glad the kids are getting all settled in the new house.

Jaylon will settle in soon. David Riley was about the same age when Jessica & Rob bought their house. It took him about 2 weeks to get used to the different sounds and shapes of shadows.

ClassyMomma said...

Yep! Looking in on your little valley to see what's up! I know what you mean though. After a temporary absence from Blogland, I am feeling all alone! Your puppies are so cute... funny how they are squeezed in there... close to one another! Hope you're enjoying your summer! (((hugs)))

Angie said...

Still here too, my friend! Looks like I have a little catching up to do on your blog. :)

The kitchen is so cute! Love that floor. If you get a chance to snap a pic when the red is incorporated, please share it with us.

Love that little sideways hat; what a cutie!

Keep livin to the fullest and I'll be here to read all about it!

Have a good week!

Nel said...

Love your pics. I read this the other day and forgot my computer messed up on me and shut down before it saved my comment. Jaylon is such a cutie. That one picture is cool, looks like he is in the floor. You need to enter that one in a contest, bet it would win. Love their kitchen. I would love to do my floor in Arkansas like that, because it is going to have Coca Cola stuff in it. Thanks for sharing!
until next time... nel