Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My/Our Graduation Picture

Here it is, finally!! My and Johnny's graduation picture and, you know, I think I may have been a bit too critical of myself when telling about the picture in this week's Random Dozen. It is actually a good picture of me, especially seeing as how I am not very photogenic in the first place. Now the glasses? Well, what can I say? They were in style at the time...1969-70.

Is anyone growing weary of all the political advertisements and mailings? Good grief. It seems to be worse this year than ever! I honestly just turn a deaf ear to it all and I wonder how many others do the same thing and, if so, does this mean that all of those advertising dollars are essentially being wasted?
AND I am tired of hearing from BOTH sides. In this case, one is just as bad as the other, where the advertising is concerned. Enough already. But then I realize that I might as well save my breath because it is only going to get worse as we get closer to election day.
And here I thought that perhaps they were going to be a little more conservative on DWTS this year because the outfits didn't seem to be quite so revealing and the dances not quite so suggestive BUT I thought too soon, hm? Whoa. Monday night a pretty steamy. And, no, I don't like the raised, round dance floor. What's the point?
And what about Bristol Palin? First of all, I just don't think she has any business being on the show in the first place, what with all of the negative press that she has gotten over the past few months, whether deserved or not. Nor does her mother. Puhleeeeease. AND did you see Sarah looking at the monitors and then, upon seeing herself, smiling and laughing hugely? Again, I say...Puhleeeease!
I know this may sound a bit terrible but I just think they all need to go back to Alaska and stay out of the limelight for awhile ESPECIALLY if Sarah is thinking of throwing her hat in the ring in the next presidential race. AND for the sake of their children! All of them!!!

ANDDDDD....The Situation? How in the world do you become famous for being who you are just because you ARE who you ARE? I've never watched Jersey Shore and surely don't plan on it but I WILL say that he did lose gracefully.
And aren't you surprised at the people who just can't dance, like The Situation (AND what kind of a name is THAT? Hello.) and Michael Bolton (oh, but it was painful to watch) and The Hoff, though I didn't have as difficult a time watching him dance, but I was surprised that he was eliminated so quickly. I thought he surely had more of a fan base than that. Oh well.
Okay, I have one more thing to say about DWTS. Florence Henderson. I've never been a fan or not a fan. I didn't watch the Brady Bunch. But what I don't care for is these older women coming on this show and trying to act sexy or whatever. Can't they just age gracefully? I almost quit watching entirely when Cloris Leachman was on. Thankfully, I could fast forward past her segments. She was an embarrassment.
By now you may be asking why I even watch the show if I am so critical of different aspects of it. Hmmmm....because there are people and parts of it that I do like. :-) One of those being the host, Tom Bergeron. Oh, and that brings me to another criticism. :-) Brook Burris? Don't like her. She preens too much and tries to act too "alluring". Get over yourself, Brook. (My, but I am being a bit harsh, aren't I?) I much preferred Samantha Harris.
And that is all I have to say about that! :-)
I also loooooove The Next Iron Chef!!! There is alot that I don't know or understand about this level of cuisine but I do find it so interesting.
I've watched Ming Tsai when he was a judge on Top Chef and also occasionally on his TV show "East Meets West" on PBS.

He strikes me as being an eensy bit egotistical but that could be complete misperception on my part?

This past week, Ming was one of the bottom two chefs. I believe it was a real wake-up call for him. I'm very interested to see if he does indeed become the next Iron Chef!


And lastly.....Project Runway. I loooooove this show so much. I used to sew quite a bit in my earlier years. I made the dress that I wore in my senior picture. I made alot of my clothes when I was in school but nothing on the level of Project Runway AND I just don't get some of the designs, you know? Oh, now I don't have any trouble picking out the BAD ones! Oh my!! Only to find out that the judges sometimes loooove them. But I do sometimes wonder what they see in some of outfits that don't lose or are in the top designs such as this atrocity that Gretchen got raves for, though she didn't win this particular challenge. She was one of the top three. Go figure.

But, once again, I am anxiously awaiting the next episode which is due to begin in about ten minutes, so I had better get this post up, get some snacks and get all settled in. :-)

I hope you've had a good Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! My favorite day of the week!! :-)


Oh my! I almost posted without sharing a picture of little Jaylon!! Sooooo, here you go! I got this one this afternoon as we were out the door and getting ready to take our afternoon hike around the yard! :-)


Theresa said...

You know, I always thought that Daniel favored Ed more than you, but seeing your senior pic, he has a strong resemblence to you and Johnny!

I'm with you on the political mail! If I had a goat, I'd be adding them to his diet!

I love the picture of Jaylon with your OSU banner!

Jewel said...

Hmmm....I'll have to take a closer look at our picture and Daniel and see, Theresa, and I keep telling Ed we need to get a goat! :-)

Angie said...

I LOVE your senior picture; you're so cute! I think your dress is adorable too!

The dress in my formal picture was made by my mom. It was for my Aunt's wedding, but it was along the lines of a Gunne Sax dress. I still have it hanging in my closet. I imagine the girls will love dressing up in it in a few years.

I love your honest opinions about the tv shows. I've only caught one episode of DWTS, but I agree with your assessments from that one viewing.

We love food network around here and I agree, I enjoy Chef Tsai. His ego seems to come and go, doesn't it. I hope he does well. I think Caswell (is that his name?) will do well too. I'm ready for Chef Estes to go.

And...Project Runway! Oh, I will rejoice when Gretchen goes. She makes me crazy!!! Mondo is not my kind of guy, but he is genius with material choices. Do you have a favorite?

I've begun a "series" about the boyfriend that bought me the outfit in my senior pic. I hope you'll have time to come by and read it. It's more personal than I've ever been on my blog, I think.

Take care, friend! Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

That photo isn't bad at all!

I haven't gotten into DWTS this year. I've watched it in the past, usually taping it and watching it when my kids weren't home. I didn't like the times they had skimpy costumes or overly sensual dances and sometimes wondered why I kept watching. But there were moments of sheer grace and beauty, and I enjoyed seeing how most of the starts progressed. But this year there are three other shows we watch on Mondays as well as Tuesdays, and I just couldn't keep up with them.

Do you ever watch So You Think You Dance in the summers? I didn't think I'd like it, but some of it is really good.

I don't know why, but I can't stand to watch people cook on TV -- I've never gotten into cooking show. I've never caught Project Runway -- it sounds interesting.

Jewel said...

Hi Angie...your girls indeed will enjoy dressing up in that dress! I loved playing dress-up when I was little! :-)
Yes, I'm surprised that Chef Estes is still around. She just doesn't seem to be ready for this level of cooking yet and she seems so unhappy about it all, though I do know that they are under extreme pressure.
I know what you mean about Mondo. He is more than a little quirky but he can design and sew for sure. Gretchen is just a pain and a snob. I like Michael but I'm still surprised that he made it this far. And kudos to Mondo for the credit that he gave Michael this week! I can hardly wait until the next episode! :-)
And, of course, I'll be over to read your series! :-) would really like Project Runway, I think. You just have to get past some of the people and personalities and so on.
Yes, I know what you mean about DWTS. Remember when Jerry Springer was a contestant? I just never thought I would care for him but he was so kind and gracious.
I looooove So You Think You Can Dance. I am amazed at some of the dancing and the emotion that can be expressed and felt through dancing. It sometimes makes me wish that I had been a dancer. I can hardly wait for the new season! :-)
I don't care for many of the day-to-day cooking shows. Mostly I just watch the different competitions, like The Next Food Network Star, The Next Iron Chef and I loved Top Chef when I was able to get Bravo. Oh, and I liked this one particular recipe challenge that Guy Fieri hosted...oh, I think it is Ultimate Recipe Showdown. Is that still on?

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I say AMEN to everything you said about DWTS!! Love the show... hate it when they get inappropriate. Why in the world does Corky always take it too far? We don't want to see that!

Nurse Boy took me to see DWTS on tour a couple of years ago... it was a TON of fun!! Far too pricey, but fun nonetheless.

I completely agree about Gretchen... really?! I haven't like much of what she has produced and it doesn't help that she is so mean. A little humility would go a long way for her!

Mrs. NB

Jewel said...

Hello, Mrs. NB!! Can you believe what Gretchen showed to the judges for her preview?!?! AND she made it! Good grief! And Michael! Pull yourself together! I was embarrassed for the poor guy! He does need a huge boost of self-confidence! I think Mondo is going to win it all! Just sayin'....:-)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I agree... Mondo is going to take it all. AND, no, I cannot believe Gretchen made it!! They must see something in her that I don't see... plus, it doesn't help that I think she can be very mean and judgemental.