Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Monday already!

This is surely going to be hodge-podge of a have been here goes! (I have to get a post up! This is supposed to be a journal of sorts! Sheesh!)

Below is a picture of a barn that I took a few weeks ago. I was out early on a Saturday morning and was just amazed at the beautiful fall "flowers" that are or were so abundant in the fields! You know...the wild flowers that only come out in the fall? Aren't they gorgeous? I love the yellow, daisy-like flowers that just flourish around here in the fields and along the roads and the beautiful purple flowers that are everywhere.

Remember I told you about my FAVORITE apple cider? AND how expensive apple cider is? Well, my fave was on sale last week for $2.99 and I just had to have some! AND I took a picture of it to share! :-) (Do I need to get a life or what? LOL)

You know, I just can't figure out Ellie the cat sometimes. When Jaylon is here, she doesn't want anything to do with all! But look at what I found her doing on Friday when he was home with his daddy! Yep, gazing into his bed as if she missed him. I picked her up and put her in his bed thinking that maybe she just wanted to lay on the softness but, no, that wasn't it. As soon as I put her in, she wanted out. So maybe she was just missing the little guy a bit. We'll probably never know, hm? :-)

Below are some adorable pictures of Jaylon AND his MawMaw Pat, as you can see in the first picture!

I just love these sober pictures of our little guy! He's all gussied up, ready to go to church! :-)

And I think I should send these pictures to Steak N' Shake to use in one of their advertisements! :-)

I took this picture last Wednesday as Erin and Jaylon were getting ready to leave for church! Aren't they both just beautiful? Erin is the best daughter-in-law anyone could have. We are so blessed!

Well, I'm going to get this posted before Jaylon arrives! May you have an awesome autumn day wherever you are!!!


Barbara H. said...

I am enjoying all the fall plants here, too -- except mums, for some reason I don't like those. The first trees to turn colors were turning kind of ditty orange, but now I am seeing a little more variety in colors.

That is funny about the cat gazing into the play pen.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

That picture of the barn is frame worthy! Just beautiful! I also enjoyed those pictures of your handsome little Jaylon. ;0)

Mrs. NB

Joyce said...

I love old barns. My mother in law takes photos of them when she travels. There is something about an old barn that takes you back in time a little I think.

Hope your autumn day is also fabulous!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

The Fall colors are blazing bright up here. I'm not, however looking foreward to raking the leaves, or winter.

It's hard to believe Jaylon has gotten so big. That is until my wife reminded me that he's a few weeks older than our granddaughter Eva.

Theresa said...

I love the beautiful fall colors. I'm really loving the weather we're having. However, those "beautiful" field flowers that you pictured cause me no end of agony with allergies.

Jaylon is so adorable! Eva was looking at this post with me, and trying to say his name, but finally gave up and just called him Boy. lol