Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I love apple cider. The unfiltered kind. Tamarack Farms produces a wonder apple cider that is sold at our local Kroger store.
BUT....the price has gone through the roof!! Four dollars or more for a gallon of the delicious stuff! I remember paying $2.50 perhaps just a couple of years ago, but $4.00?? Hello.
I know, I know. If I want the apple cider, I'm gonna have to pay the price AND I probably will, if only just once. Drat it all.
ANDDDDD......how about the price of bacon?!?! Good grief! And I do love me some bacon. I'm reminded of that commercial for dog's Beggin' Strips where this dog goes through the house saying....although we know that dogs don't REALLY talk.....(I'm drifting, I know...)..."Bacon...bacon...bacon..."
THAT is how much I looooove bacon. (Could I be related to Paula Deen perhaps? LOL)
Anywayyyyy.....I was buying Farmland brand bacon at Save-a-Lot for $1.79 a pound package. Then it went to $2.29. The last time I checked it was heading for $3.00!!! It might be more than that now.
I know, I know....that is really not bad for a pound of meat of any kind, these days. But when the price jumps so quickly and so much, it is a bit disconcerting.
So Bath and Body Works has once again discontinued the scent that I love the most! Why does this always happen to me??
Years ago, I wore Tuvache's Jungle Gardenia. They quit making it.
Then I switched to Sand and Sable, which also has a nice gardenia scent and I'm not sure why I quit wearing that particular perfume, as I think they still make it.
But then I found BBW's White Gardenia lotion and have worn it for yeeeaars.
Go figure.
NOW I have to find another scent that I like.
I am presently wearing BBW's Moonlight Path lotion, which is okay.
I only wear lotion because perfumes or colognes are just a little too powerful for me where lotions tend to be softer and more subtle plus they keep my skin so soft.
"Skin So Soft"!!!
Which reminds me that I DO like Avon's Skin-So-Soft Soft and Sensuous lotion. Hmmmm..maybe I'll give that a try again.
Does anyone else out there have perfume,lotion,cologne troubles like me??? Am I the only one?? Tell me it isn't so! :-)
Oh, I am so happy this week, though you probably couldn't tell it by my comments above about high prices and perfume dilemnas, hm? :-)
It is raining in Ohio!!! Yayyyyy!! Thank you, Jesus! And, yes, I had been praying for rain!
It has been so hot and dry here. More so than I have seen it for a long time. Just last week we had record-setting temperatures for this time of year, in the 90's. Then a front came through and it was only in the 70's on Saturday but the weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday and Sunday.
The rain started Sunday night and has continued off and on through today.
Yes, it is chilly and rather dreary but I'll not complain because we need the rain desperately!
And the rain sounds so wonderful on the roof at night when I am drifting off to sleep!
Daniel and Erin have been working away at getting their house ready to move into, so I have been taking care of little Jaylon more than usual, which I don't mind at all but it leaves me very little time for doing things that I like, like surfing the web, blogging, FBing and so on. Or going to the library for a few hours in the evening or watching TV programs that I've DVR'd and, let me tell ya, if you DVR very many programs and get behind? It is impossible to get caught up!
I'll blog more about Daniel and Erin's new home and their moving and so on in another post, when I get the time!
ANDDDD is anyone watching "Dancing With the Stars"? Oh my goodness!!! Michael Bolton's performance last night was PAINFUL to watch!!!! I just can't believe that he doesn't have any more rhythym *sp* or musicality than he does, considering that he is a world-renowned singer! I could hardly bear to watch him. Poor guy. And he doesn't seem to have much personality, which kind of surprised me, too.
ANDDDD I wish Corky, who is dancing with Florence Henderson, would knock off the dramatics and be serious for once. I just don't care for his goofiness, flamboyance, or whatever it is that you call all of the goofy stuff that he does while he is dancing.
ANDDDD I think Bristol Palin is handling herself so well in this competition, so far. Now, if her mother just doesn't use it as another political platform for herself. Cool it, Sarah. This is Bristol's few weeks of fame.
Well, we're off to get our yearly flu shots this morning and I hear Jaylon stirring from his morning nap, so I had better sign off here and make sure I have myself and everything else together and ready to go!
I miss blogging and always say that I'm going to be more faithful to it but taking care of a toddler, a husband, a home and myself leaves little time for alot of extracurricular activities.
And even though I haven't been posting much, I have been endeavoring to go around and read all of your blogs and comment here and there as I am able to.
Happy Fall, Ya'll!!! :-)
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Barbara H. said...

I do have problems with scents. I used to wear colognes -- I loved Emeraude and Wind Song. But in college a roommate used to douse herself in Sweet Honesty, and it gave me such a headache. It seems more and more scents do that now, even candle scents or strong room fresheners. I get most things unscented if I can. Jim doesn't care for perfume, anyway, so it is not a big deal.

I hadn't gotten into DWTS this year -- some shows we like are on opposite it. I used to tape it and watch it later as I am the only one who likes it, but just haven't had tome for it this year.

Nel said...

Enjoyed your post! Bath and Body Works, I love that store, but it does not love me. When I enter, within just a few moments, the head starts hurting. I have a real problem with scents. Can not go into the Pier One store at all. I am usually safe with Vanilla and some candle scents, but it is very limited. I am able to wear Vanilla Musk. I buy it at WalMart, and it has a light smell that lasts.
Prices of things are unreal! I hate going to the grocery store.
I am glad you have been enjoying Jaylon, he is so cute. I wish I lived closer to my grandbabies.
until next time... nel

Joyce said...

I don't use scented body lotion but I do love Bath and Body Works coconut lime verbena which I keep by my kitchen sink. It smells yummy!

Mary said...

I love BBW's Wild Honeysuckle & Flowers & Butterflies. I picked up a new scent this weekend: Twilight Woods. Liking it so far!
I agree with your synopsis of DWTS, especially with Michael Bolton's performance. I think he's going to be the next to go!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

My wife has the same problem at B&BW. Find a scent you really like, wear it for a year, find out they discontinued it. GRRRR!

I wonder if B&BW ever tried a bacon scented lotion? Just wondering.

Theresa said...

I love good apple cider, but I'm like you, I always balk at the high price.

I have a love-hate relationship with BBW. EVERYTIME I find a nice light scent that I love, it's almost guaranteed to be discontinued.

I'll be getting my flu shot the 12th at work. Ross is going to do the drive-thru flu clinic that the Health Dept. holds at the fairgrounds.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

We watch Dancing With the Stars also... and, Michael Bolton was shockingly horrible! I wasn't too impressed with his attitude either. I thought Bruno was a bit harsh, but Michael was terrible.

I need to get caught up on your posts now...

Mrs. NB