Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Night Live

Yes, that's me! Here at my computer on Saturday night, I'm still alive and it is 10:23 AND I am determined to get a post up! Here goes! :-)

We have just been so busy and then, as a result of the "busyness", a word. *sigh* When does it ever end?!?!?!?!

One thing....well, okay, the main thing that is keeping us busy is.....besides that we bought Daniel and Erin's mobile home which they had lived in next door to us before buying a home in Logan and moving about a month ago.

Well.....we have been doing some work on the mobile home, sprucing it up, cleaning, painting, etc. getting it ready to sell and also for the impending winter if we do not sell it right away. So, that is where much of our spare time has been spent.

Oh, and, yes, we are still taking care of our cute little grandson, Jaylon, every day and is he ever growing by leaps and bounds, even if he still isn't calling me anything in particular yet. But he does seem to be calling me "Mom-Mom" or something that sounds vaguely like "grandma" every once in awhile. I'm thinking maybe I'm just making myself too instantly available to the little guy and maybe if I would play a little more hard-to-get, he might come out with a definite name for me! Just my luck, he would probably say, "Hey You!" LOL
Oh, but you should hear him run through the yard yelling "Pa-pa...Pa-pa..." It is soooooo adorable!!! *sigh* Someday, perhaps, he'll run through the yard yelling, "Grandmaaaa.....Grandmaaaa...." or whatever he's decided to call me. :-)

We took Jaylon to the pumpkin patch yesterday and he had a ball!! This particular pumpkin patch has several tractors sitting around and Jaylon loooooves tractors, so he was doubly excited! He even got to sit on one, as evidenced in this picture:

BUT, even more than tractors or pumpkins or anythingggg....he loooooves rocks! As you can see here:

I am the resident picture-taker in our family, so we end up with alot of pictures of Ed and Jaylon but occasionally Ed does try to get a picture of me and Jaylon together. Here is his latest attempt:
LOL.....I told him that he is going to have to just take my camera and become friends with it!

It is now 11:30 and I need my sleep so I'll close this post with some pictures of Jaylon and Ed, traipsing about the yard midst the beauty of fall here in our little valley:


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It looks like Ed is trying to dress you up for Halloween. As the Headless Horseman. LOL

I've yet to find any child Jaylon's age that isn't fascinated with rocks. Why do we bother to buy them toys? Just give them a pile of rocks, and they're pleased as peaches.

Nel said...

He is growing. And he will be calling your name before long. There is nothing like hearing my Eden say Granny I love you to the moon and back! So glad you had time to do a post, been missing you my friend! Glad things are good and you have just been busy, but I kinda felt that. I prayed about you the other day and just felt like the Lord was telling me you were fine. We too have been very busy working on inventory of our Precious Moment Figurines to see what we have in storage for sale. Need to get an online store set up or something. Anyway take care my friend!
until next time... nel

Sweet Tea said...

What a beautiful Fall you are having. Loved the photos. Our Grands call me "YaYa" (Greek for Grandmother) and my dh is called "YoYo" - who knows why? LOL
I think "Mom-Mom" is cute too.

Jewel said...

Hi Sir! At least I don't have to waste money on a costume, hm? :-)
Whenever the weather permits, Jaylon and I fill his little bucket with rocks and head for the creek...his favorite place, just about! :-)But the creek as been dry for several weeks until the rain came this past week...thank you, Jesus!
Hi Nel! thanks so much for the prayers! I appreciate them so much! And that is so precious that she says that to you! I dreamed last night that Jaylon was talking alot! I can hardly wait!! :-)
Hi Sweet Tea! What cute names! It is so interesting to see what the grandchildren decide to call their grandparents, indeed! I have a friend whose granddaughter calls her "Mormor". The grandmother is swedish and that is swedish for grandmother which I think is pretty neat!
Thanks for stopping by everyone!! Happy Fall!!

Joyce said...

Beautiful fall photos! I love the "picture" of you..your hubs and my mother in law attended the same school of photography : )

Jewel said...

LOL I had to laugh, Joyce, or I would have gotten a bit miffed because there are so few pictures of me and Jaylon. *sigh* AND I don't think my dear hubs has any desire to learn about my camera. He thinks it's the camera! (of course.LOL)

Theresa said...

Love all the pictures! It is so pretty down in the Hocking Hills!

Jaylon and Eva would have a blast playing with the rocks. Eva picks one up and moves it to a different spot in the driveway, and then goes looking for another one that needs repostitioned.

Most of the time Eva calls me Nana, but occasionally I'm Mom, Ma, and You.

Jewel said...

Hi Theresa! I sometimes think it would do Jaylon good to be around other little ones more and I'm sure he and Eva would have a great timeplaying together! :-)

Theresa said...

Maybe we'll have to arrange a play date. That way we can watch the fun together and visit!