Thursday, June 03, 2010

Up and running....again!

My wonderful husband installed all new phone lines, outside the house and inside, so my internet connection is once again good and my speed is very good, for dial-up. I was really having some difficulties even staying connected, but no longer, thank goodness!! :-) That is why I have not been blogging much. BUT, here I am now!
This past weekend, we went to Ed's 50th class reunion on Friday evening. It was in Corning, Ohio at the American Legion Hall. A former classmate of Ed's organized this gathering and we enjoyed a wonderful meal and meeting many of Ed's classmates. Ed had not seen any of them since graduation! It was so funny to see them greet eachother and not recognize each other!

There was a poster of their graduation pictures on the wall and you could see a resemblance in their "then" and "now".

Then, on Saturday evening, we went to the Corning Alumni Banquet where the 50th Class was recognized and honored.
Again, we enjoyed a very nice meal, visiting and all. A ladies' Barbershop singing group "One Voice", sang a selection of older songs and a band was going to play after the banquet and there was going to be dancing for those who wanted to stay and join in.
Below is the sign as we entered Corning and you can tell by the road that it is in the hills! That is the main road into Corning. :-)

This is Corning High School and the banquet was held here in the old gym which is on the far left, but not pictured here. It was decorated so nicely but it was sooo hot inside. Actually, it wasn't too bad when we first arrived but there were over two-hundred in attendance and after the meal it started getting really close and stuffy. I had to step outside a couple of times but it was hot and humid out there, so finding a bit of relief was a little difficult. Inside the gym, there were like three or four regular size oscillating fans running but they could hardly help in such a crowd.
By the time we left, we couldn't wait to get into the car and start the AC! :-)

Next is a picture of Ed standing beside the sign welcoming us to the class reunion! Isn't he a cutie?!?! :-) Everyone kept asking him how he was staying so young-looking and healthy! Can you believe he is 67, soon to be 68? :-)

Before going to Ed's Alumni Banquet Saturday evening, we stopped by the Bowen House in downtown Logan, to celebrate with Josh Caldwell, who graduated from Ohio Northern University this year!!! Josh was in the youth group when we were the leaders. Josh is a sweetheart, a fine young man and I know he has a wonderful future ahead!

Now you didn't think I would post without mentioning "the boy", did you?!?!? :-)
Jaylon loves to swing with grandma! :-) In the porch swing, that is! Well, and we do dance once in awhile, too! :-) The swing looks a little worse for wear, but I'm hoping to paint it white in my spare time, sometime. *sigh* :-/

Oh, and he is learning how to climb, too, as evidenced below. :-) Thankfully, grandpa has a safety latch on the gate which is supposed to be child-proof. We'll see.! :-)

And lastly, below are a few pictures that I took of our yard and plants. Ed has everything looking so nice around here and he's managed to do so midst some rainy, stormy weather. It's so nice to sit out on the front or back porch in the early morning or evening and enjoy the peacefulness and beauty, listening to the birds and sounds of nature around us.

It sounds like you've all enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend last week and here it is the weekend again already!! Take time to just sit and enjoy the beauty around you.


Joyce said...

Your husband does look young : )

It's nice to see you back...I love your porch swing...wish I had the kind of front porch that would accomodate a swing.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jewel said...

Hi Joyce...I won't tell him that you said so because I'm doing my best to keep the man humble! :-)
My swing is attached by short lengths of chain to a frame, not hung from the porch ceiling like most swings. I purchased it from J.C. Penney's several years ago. I don't know if you can still get them but gliders are really nice, too!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Go, Ed! You are certainly looking young!!

Your yard looks so welcoming and inviting. You are welcome to spruce my yard up anytime. It is looking kind of sad.

Spare time, where have you gone?!

Mrs. NB

Jewel said...

Hey, Mrs. NB! You girls will be proud of me. I read your comments to Ed and he kinda blushed. :-) He said I must have posted a REALLY good picture of him. Hellooooo!
I know how my days go with taking care of little Jaylon. I can't imagine what it is like having THREE!! But it does sound like you do a great job with your kids, Mrs. NB!!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It's good to have you back. I remember the problems that we had with dial-up. I don't envy you at all.

I have discovered that anything "child-proof" can be easily manipulated by a toddler, but will keep out anyone over 40.

Barbara H. said...

Glad your Internet is all well-connected again!

LOL at the above comment!

Theresa said...

Yard looks good! Ed doesn't look his age. ('Course my hubby doesn't either!)

My FIL used to own some property in Corning. Sir Nottaguy got roped into helping work on them a couple of times before they sold.