Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday in our little valley

Okay, this has nothing to do with my post title BUT can someone tell me how you can get a blog button like Mrs. Nurse Boy has......look about half-way down on my sidebar and you will see a blog button that says "Poop on Jelly". We are blogging buddies and I just loooove her blog, which her husband, Mr. Nurse Boy contributes to, too!
I would just love to have a blog button but don't want to have to make it myself and would gladly pay a modest fee to have someone make one for me!
Daniel and Erin took vacation days yesterday and Daniel came over and christened my shiny, NEW grill by grilling chicken breast I had marinated overnight, brats and hot dogs. We also had mac and cheese, chips and potato salad that I made earlier. The kids don't eat potato salad. Too many foreign ingredients, they say. :-)

Then after lunch, Jaylon went down for a nap and so did Daniel on the living room floor, Erin on the sofa and Ed in his recliner, while I went to the computer to do a few things: Facebook, emailing, paying bills and reading blogs, in the cool quietness of the living room/family room.
Below is a picture of my porch swing that Ed and I painted last Friday morning before it got too terribly hot.

It had been stained brown before but I wanted it to match my porch rocker so we painted it with white enamel and it looks sooooo much better. Painting it was a bit tedious but well worth the effort!
We've been endeavoring to get a few things updated and so on this summer and we are making pretty good progress. :-)
ANDDDDDD........last night Ed took me to see the All-Ohio Youth Choir Cardinal Chorale perform at the First Presbyterian Church in Logan. He knows that I love this sort of thing and my girlfriends were all busy or out of town, so he said he would take me!!! Yayy!
Oh, and I told him that he had to at least ACT like he was enjoying himself! AND he really DID enjoy himself! The chorale was awesome! And we got to see quite a few people that we hadn't seen for awhile!
The chorale is comprised of singers from the original choir. The chorale travels around the state singing at different venues to bring attention to the choir which performs every year at the state fair in August.
After the concert concluded, the young people milled about with all of those that attended the concert. It was great to get an opportunity to meet them personally and get to know them a little.
You can tell that they are an exeptional group of young people, ranging from high school seniors to college sophmores.
It was a great evening! Thank you, Ed!! :-)
I woke up this morning unable to talk above whisper, coughing and sneezing. I've not been feeling the greatest this week, especially in the mornings and I've felt like maybe I was getting bronchitis. Sure enough, I have.

I've been around quite a few people with a plethora of ailments, so I guess I was bound to catch something from someone.

Well, I finally started feeling "human" again around three this afternoon after being in bed for most of the day. So I got up, showered, ate a little and Ed and I watched a little TV, went outside and sat on the porch.

Now, it is 8:53pm and I'm starting to feel pretty rough again.

Isn't it funny how you can feel bad in the morning.......feel better briefly in the afternoon/early evening......and as soon as it begins to get dark outside, you start feeling yucky again? :-/

I'm taking some OTC medicine to kind of quell this floogey I have, until I go for my regular 4-month check-up with my doctor scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

BUT I am going to the family reunion tomorrow afternoon at four, if it kills me!! Which it probably won't because I should be feeling pretty good during those hours. :-)
Well, I am going to take myself off to bed to read for awhile. Hope your weekend is going well!! *cough* *sneeze* :-/


Stephani said...

Pray you'll be feeling better soon Jewel! ~ Love the new grill and your porch swing! I wish my husband had a grill like that! I'm sure he'd enjoy it! ~ My blog designer could make a button for you. Her button is on my right sidebar. Her site is called Valentine Design. ~ Have a terrific week!

Mary said...

Hope you feel better so you can enjoy the reunion! Your swing looks great...I wish I had a place for a porch swing! That is so sweet of your husband to suck it up and go the concert with you! :D

Nel said...

Praying that you feel better my friend. Sounds like you have been busy. What a sweetheart going to the concert with you! Sounds like a keeper! lololol. I would love to learn how to do the button thing. That is on my to do list. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

until next time... nel

Jewel said...

Thanks, Stephani! I'll give her blog a look-see! I'm feeling a little better today, thanks! :-)
ANDDD he really enjoyed the concert, Mary! :-) That REALLY made it a great night!
Hi Nel! Yep, he's a keeper, alright! :-)

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great few days -- except for feeling sick! Hope you feel better soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I hope you are feeling better!!! It is NO fun to be sick in the summer months!! I love my blog button, too. A blog friend of mine just made it for me and sent it to me... isn't that sweet?! I have NOOOO idea how to make one... maybe Sneaky Mama has some hints?

Happy Monday, my friend. Oh, that grill is a beauty! Wish we could come over for dinner. ;0)

Mrs. NB

Joyce said...

My daughter can make a button for you...let me know and I'll email you her email address.

Feel better soon! Being sick in the summer is so not fair!

Jewel said...

Hi ladies! I'm all better now!! thank you for your kind thoughts!