Wednesday, June 09, 2010

♫ Oh what a beautiful morning ♪

Please ignore the dates on my pictures. Some of them are incorrrect. (stupid camera) (or maybe it's the stupid camera operator) (that would be me....argh).
Anywayyyy.....all of the pictures were taken during the last two days. So, now you are "up to date". I couldn't resist. :-)

Oh, it IS a gorgeous morning here in SE Ohio! Cool and fresh, the birds singing, the smell of honeysuckle in the breeze. *sighhhhh* And temperatures in the low 70's again today. *sighhhh* I love springtime!
Below is a picture of the clematis vine I have growing up the lovely fence that my wonderful husband built for me last fall. :-)

Wellllll.....we went to my 40th class reunion Friday evening and had an absolutely wonderful time!!! It was more like a FAMILY reunion!!! :-)

You see, there were only 21 in my graduating class. Our school was in the country and all of the classes were very small. Our school went from 1st through 12th grades.

Most of the kids in my class went through all 12 grades together, which I think is sooooo neat.

Anywayyyyy.......there were 14 of us who were able to make it and 9 of us brought spouses, so there were 23 altogether.

Oh, but we laughed and shared wonderful memories, looked at our old school pictures. We girls could have stayed for hours and talked and laughed.

And would you believe my camera was on the blink?! Of all times! But my sister-in-law took a picture of all of us, so when I get it, I will post it! :-)
Jaylon and I took our morning walk yesterday and he was so taken by the daisies along the road.....

So, I picked a couple for him, he looked for the horses in the neighboring pasture and then we headed for home, daisies in hand. :-)

There is a local greenhouse that Ed and I just love. The family is just wonderful and we look forward to seeing them each spring. They have the greenhouse at their home but sell the flowers/plants yearly at a stand they have along Rt. 33. Their flowers, hanging baskets and vegetable bedding plants are a cut above.

Well, this year they have awesome tomato plants. One in particular is called Husky Reds, which doesn't get very big, though the stems are thick and strong, is planted in a big pot and already has tomatoes on it. Ed and I bought one and are anxiously awaiting the first ripe tomatoes!

Below is a beautiful pot of flowers that I purchased at the world's largest retailer. :-) I usually assemble my own, but this one was sooo lovely, I couldn't resist.
Now, I've never had much luck with petunias. I know....go figure....who can't grow petunias? Uh, that would be me. :-/

BUT I am endeavoring to keep them "dead-headed", watered sufficiently, and "sunshined" adequately, so we'll see if I manage to kill them off they survive.


Joyce said...

Wow-your tomato plant makes mine look a little forlorn...we're hopeful though!

Cute pics as always of your boy : )

Sweet Tea said...

Everything looks so green and lush. Beautiful time of the year. Enjoyed hearing about your class reunion. Do you still live in the area where the school is?

Cute little Jayden and his daisies!

Jewel said...

Hi Joyce...don't feel badly about your tomatoes. We have some regular tomato plants, too. The one pictured is a hybrid that this particular greenhouse offered this year. It was a bit pricey but we wanted to give it a try! :-)
Hi Sweet Tea! Yes, I still live in the area of my former school. We live about about 7-8 miles from where it used to be. The buildings have been torn down and new elementary school building built in its place. :-/
Everything IS really lush this year! I believe it is because warm weather started so early and we've had lots of rain. It's good to see you, ST!!!

Teresa Dawn said...

I'm growing Golden tomatoes, the plant looks great, but no tomatos yet. It's in one of those pots that hang and the plant grows upside down out of the bottom. First time I tried one of them.

My mum is trying with petunias, she's an excellent gardener, much better than I am, but every time a petunia blooms, the birds come steal it. They must have some pretty nests this year!

Jewel said...

Hi Teresa! Good luck with your tomatoes! Don't we always wait with such anticipation for them each year?! :-) There's nothing like a delicious homegrown tomato! Yum!
Well, so far so good on the petunias, even though no new blooms have come out yet. *fingers crossed* :-)

Barbara H. said...

The reunion sounds fun! We only had 8 in our class, but I don't think they've ever had a reunion. It's so neat that so much of the class went through all the grades together.

Jaylon is so cute walking around in his shorts! He's at that fun age of noticing so many things.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

That little guy is SOOO cute!!! Sounds like you all are having beautiful weather!

Mrs. NB

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara and Mrs. NB!!!
The reunion was special and we think the boy is entirely cute, too! :-) It's amazing to the point of being almost overwhelming as to how much you can love these little grandbabies! Oh my!!!