Sunday, October 04, 2009

Just a thought

I'm a little concerned because lately I've noticed that I've been making grammatical errors.

Now, what concerns me about this is the fact that I'm pretty particular about using the right word when talking or typing or whatever.

Just a little while ago, I noticed that I had typed "due" in a comment at Becky's blog, when it should have been "do". That just isn't like me! Siriusly. (Okay, that < back there WAS a joke,k?)

So....should I be concerned? Time will tell, I suppose. Do you do things like this?


Barbara H. said...

Oh, yes, all too often. I hate apostrophe's where they're not supposed to be, bet I catch them in my own writing, as well as the homonym for the word I meant.

Barbara H. said...

Aack!! I just did that with an apostrophe! Made it possessive when it should have been just plural.


Jewel said...

Ahh, Barbara, you've got me feelin' better already about my grammatical errors! :-) Thanks. Ed does the apostrophe and plural thing quite a bit. It's the spelling/homonym thing that I'm getting so bad about! :-/