Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Five-Things Meme!

My friend, Barbara, at Stray Thoughts, posted a Five-Things meme at her blog and I thought it would be fun to participate!! If you would like to and do so, please leave a comment and I'll be over! :-)

1. Five landmarks I have seen.
The Statue of Liberty
Washington Monument
General Sherman’s Birthplace
Arlington National Cemetery
The White House

2. Five famous people with my name.
Jewel (The country singer)
Buddy Jewel (Not so well know country singer)
That’s all that I could find. :-/ Well, actually, I google my name and
four or five women and their pictures came up but I THINK…from
their poses AND being rather scantily clad….that they aren’t the kind
of famous I was looking for! :-0 Soooo, I’m stickin’ with my two up there! :-)
If you know of any others, you can let me know! :-)

3. Five foods I will not eat.
Pimento Cheese
Hard Cheese (I like it melted)
Blue Cheese
Chicken Livers
Tomato seeds and the jelly-like substance surrounding them. Yuck!

4. Five things that bug me.
People talking loudly on their cellphones
Cellphones ringing in church
People with the cellphone ear device walking around looking like they are
Talking to themselves and, again, usually loudly! Grrrrrrrrr!
(Do you see a pattern here?) J
People texting while they drive! (The guy behind me last night!)
People who smack their lips when they eat AND chew with their mouths open!

5. Five simple pleasures.
Soft flannel sheets on a cold winter’s night.
Creamy hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day or night
Watching my little grandson Jaylon sleep
Ed brushing my hair
Sitting by a campfire relaxing


Barbara H. said...

I don't think I have ever had blue cheese. I'm not a fan of chicken livers, nor the seeds and gooey stuff in tomatoes.

I'm with you on all the annoying stuff. In fact, I was thinking as I was making my list I could come up with many more for that category.

And the simple pleasures, too. Yours are very nice!

Jewel said...

See? We ARE so much alike, Barbara! Hope you've had a good Monday! :-)