Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Dozen #4

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee hosts a Random Dozen Meme every.....well, I 'm a little confused about when exactly it is to be posted. (Can you help me, Barbara? *feeble grin*) And here is my delightful dozen!!! :-)
1. Tell me the absolute best way to watch a movie.
Alone, in the den with just the ficus tree lights on, snuggled in the recliner with an afghan or my OSU quilt, freshly popped popcorn, a cold diet pepsi on ice and I'm all set!

2. Do you ever think about your own funeral? If so, do you have specific ideas about how you would like it to be?
Well, I have given it a thought or thirty through the years. Yes.
The one thing that does kind of concern me is who would do my hair. I wear it in kind of a unique style and the only other person that I can think of that could do it would be my older sister Bev. AND she is older, meaning she might go before I do....:-o, so I'm hoping and praying that my nephew Troy will come through for me because he is good at doing hair. (REMEMBER to cover up my forehead, Troy! AND to take care of any facial hair! Thank you in advance. *grin*)

3. Are you more of a giver or a taker?
I am a bit of both. I love doing things for other people, especially when they least expect it! I didn't used to be a very good taker but I've learned to be, more so, through the years, especially when I was so bad off physically. I am so thankful for the people, especially my DH, who helped me through that difficult period.

4. Vacations: planned activities and schedules, or play it by ear?
Mostly planned. I'm just not one for spur-of-the-moment stuff unless it is just driving into town for something.

5. What is one often overlooked item in your home that needs to be cleaned regularly?
The bookshelf here beside my computer desk. It is sooo dusty. I can't remember if I've ever dusted it. I know, I know. I should be ashamed but, amazingly, I'm not. I have my priorties straight. LOL

6. Name a cause that means a lot to you.
Missions because I cannot go, but I am able to give financially so that others can go to places and countries to spread the gospel of our precious Lord!

7. Do you eat a regular old peanut butter jelly sandwich, or do you customize it? And by the way, jelly or no jelly?
No, I don't eat them very often at all because I have this "diet" mentality thing going on, even when I'm not dieting, that reminds me of how fattening pb&j's are. BUT, if and when I do have one, I want crunchy peanut butter with ONLY grape jelly! :-) No other kind will do!

8. If we were having a conversation in person, how would I know if you were nervous?
I would be very distracted and find it very difficult to concentrate on a conversation with you. I get very quiet when I am nervous. Amazing, I know. :-0

9. Do you have an elaborate bedtime routine, or just the basics of tooth brushing and jammies?
I think it is just the basics: wash my face and hands, brush my teeth, put on lotion, read, pray, sleep. :-)

10. Have you ever regretted something you wrote on your blog?
Well, one time I wrote about some of Ed's little idiosynchrosies and didn't get a comment. I thought perhaps those who read the post thought I was being critical of him but I wasn't. I love all of the little nuances about him and have learned to be accepting of them and to see that they make him the wonderful man that he is!!

11. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a famous person or celebrity? Did you agree?
No, but people are always telling me that I remind them of someone they know. Go figure.

12. If you were going to dedicate a song to a loved one or friend, what would the song be and to whom would it be dedicated?
"I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack
I'd like to have this song played at my funeral for Daniel.
Here are just a few of the lyrics:

"I hope you never lose your sense of wonder,
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger,
May you never take one single breath for granted,
GOD forbid love ever leave you empty handed,
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens,
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.
I hope you dance....."


Barbara H. said...

I'm glad you joined in! Linda puts the questions up on Tuesdays to give people time to mull over the answers, then puts Mr. Linky up on Wednesdays.

I am smiling at #2. :-)

I forgot to mention lotion in me bedtime routine, but that is something I do, too.

Love those lyrics!

Jewel said...

Thanks for straightening me out on that one, Barbara!
AND about Ed says: "You won't know what's going on anyway..." LOL And that's supposed to comfort me? :-)
I loooove this particular song because I want Daniel to live life to its fullest! To not let anything hold him back!

Mocha with Linda said...

Love your answer to #6, especially since my sister's a foreign missionary!

Jewel said...

Hi Linda! Yes, I have such admiration for those who will answer the call of the Lord to give so much of themselves!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Jewel, welcome to the meme! So nice to meet you. Sorry I'm so late in getting around this week; it was a bad week with 3 funerals and some slight illness.

You win the award for the most specific answer to the funeral question! I almost fell off my chair because my mom always talks about wanting a little hair to cover her forehead, too!

That song is one that makes me choke up, and I'm not an easy cryer. Nice choice.

have a great weekend.

Oh, and I give everyone a pre-view on Tuesday so that they can think through the answers since some take thought, ask them to post their answers on Wednesday and link up that same day at my place, then on Thursday, I answer my own questions. Hope that helps.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

PS I lived in Findlay, OH, for four years.

Jewel said...

Thanks for the welcome, Linda! THREE funerals? In one week? That surely must be a record or sumthin'?!
So you used to be a Buckeye, hm? :-) Go Bucks!!!