Thursday, October 15, 2009

H1N1 in the family

My oldest great-nephew and niece, who are both sixteen and cousins, have contracted the swine flu.

They had gone down to my sister Debbie's (their nanny) house Monday evening to just visit with her. They fixed spaghetti and had a nice time visiting and all.

Well, the next day they both came down with fevers. They are now at home and feeling pretty lousy. Everyone in their homes has to wear masks and, of course, other precautions are being taken, too.

We are all praying that Debbie doesn't contract it because of her breathing problems and upcoming surgery.

Erin and Daniel are both home sick today. Erin didn't go in this morning and Daniel came home at noon. Erin has what she thinks is a pretty severe headcold and swollen glands, while Daniel has a fever and aches.

Little Jaylon is here at our house and is fine and on the go! Oh my! LOL
Ed fired up the woodburner for the first time this fall and does the warmth ever feel good, especially since it is 43 and raining! We're thinking that this might be the earliest that we have started using the woodburner but it has been unseasonably cool this month. Now, we just have to keep Jaylon from getting too friendly with the stove!
Elder Bro. Martin's funeral was very well attended yesterday. The church was almost full. It was wonderful to see so many family, friends and ministers and their wives come to celebrate his life and passing.

I started playing just before one o'clock and ended at 2:50, when the family members were escorted to the waiting cars.

Lew, Jaylon's Pawpaw, took care of little Jaylon during this time and Jaylon was good as gold. He loves his pawpaw. :-)

I had packed plenty of bottles, food, clothes and diapers for Jaylon as I knew we would be spending the afternoon at the church. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone, eating scrumptious food and catching up with those we hadn't seen for some time.

I kept Jaylon's hands and face washed and applied hand sanitizer to his little hands periodically. I would sit him on a chair and begin applying the sanitizer, all the while telling him what grandma was doing and why and he would just be so good and hold still while watching and listening. He is so observant and interested in everything. And he does find his hands to be amazing, movable creations! *smile*

I finally sat down at about five o'clock, with some of the ladies, and commenced to eating some of the delicious food that had been prepared when Jaylon started making some hungry noises and waving his arms, so I mashed up some "noodies" and fed them to him. He loved them! :-)

I was telling this to Ed and he said, "What in the world are "noodies?". So I had to translate and tell him that that is "grandma speak" for noodles! LOL He just smiled and shook his head! :-)

Of course, I am careful to talk very plainly to Jaylon most of the time but we grandmas all have our own little baby words that we use, don't we? (Don't we? ) What are some of yours?
Jaylon and I got home at about 5:45 yesterday evening and Ed and I almost immediately left to go to the funeral home in New Lex as Ed's cousin had passed away a few days before. I was pretty tired but knew we needed to go pay our respects and it was good to see Ed's family. He and his sisters are so funny when they get together! I love to watch them interact! :-)

Ed had three older brothers (the oldest passed away a few years ago.), then three older sisters(his oldest sister passed away some time ago.)and three younger sisters. He was born in the middle of six sisters! Can you imagine? LOL And they just love him! They all call him Eddie. It is so cute! :-)
I made a chocolate trifle and deluxe spanish rice for the after-funeral dinner yesterday. That chocolate trifle was gone faster than you can say "chocolate trifle"! *smile* AND the spanish rice was all gone, too! I love it when I don't have to bring leftovers home! :-)

The food standouts for me were some to-die-for ribs and sauerkraut, delicious, firm-not-too-sloppy joes, and just-right macaroni salad, meaning it wasn't too dry nor too soupy.

Well, Jaylon is stirring from his nap....he is sleeping right behind my chair in his pack-n-play, so I will leave you with a couple of pictures I took a couple of days ago of the beautiful colors just outside my window here where we live!


Bethany said...

Well, I know which area of the family I can't be around! Hopefully Aunt Deb doesn't contract that because it will be severe if she does with the breathing problems! We're praying for Corbin and Kaitlyn that they start feeling better soon!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Wow,We'll keep your family in prayer.
Sound like you've been really busy. Please don't over do it, and wear yourself out.

Jewel said...

Hi Beth! I talked to Troy and April yesterday. Corbin is doing better, while Kaitlin has been a bit more sick with it.
I'm going to suggest to Debbie that she lets her doctor know that she has been exposed to the flu. Love you bunches!
Thank you, Sir! We surely would appreciate it!