Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday randomness!

Mrs. Nurse Boy does a "Monday's Random Musings" guessed it....MONDAY!!! You can find it HERE~! Below, you will find my randomness from the past few days! :-)
What a day it has been!!! It feels like it started last night though!
Daniel and Erin were on their way to church and while waiting for a traffic light to change, were backended by a young lady who wasn't even beginning to apply her brakes. Her car was totalled but Daniel and Erin just need a new bumper and a few other little things that insurance will cover. Thankfully, the young lady has insurance. Little Jaylon was in his car seat sleeping and didn't even wake up until later about halfway through Sunday evening's service! AND they said he woke up with a smile on his face! Thank the Lord for His protection!
THEN on the way home from church , an animal of some sort, though it wasn't a deer, ran out in front of them and cracked their front bumper and wheelwell liner.
Daniel said that he couldn't help but ask the Lord what he (Daniel) had done wrong and I assured him that it is just life. It rains on the just and the unjust. Sometimes it feels like a downpour but he and Erin both were taking it all really well!
They both took today off, got checked out at Urgent Care and got estimates on both accidents. Thankfully, the car did not sustain much damage and is drivable. This is the new car they just got a month ago. *smile* It happens. They were taking it all very well, I must say.
Jaylon is crawling everywhere! I love it! He saw Ellie the cat, who was sitting across the living room from him, and he took off for her, going "ooooo.....ooooo......ooooo" He was so excited! He actually was able to touch her nose, too. Ellie actually let him touch her nose! Miracles DO happen! :-) And then she scurried off to the safety of the den.
Soooo, I grabbed my camera, ready to get this all on video and the batteries were dead!!! THE BATTERIES WERE DEAD!!!! Can you believe it?!?!?! I just used the camera yesterday and it was fine! Grrrrrrrrr!!! I am just praying that I get another chance at a similar picture! It was priceless!
ANDDDDDDD.....*drumroll please*......Jaylon is saying MOM!!!! Yayyyyy!!!! :-) He can talk!!!! It was naptime and he was a little whiney and he started saying, "Mom, mom, mom, mom...." It was so adorable!!! I'm sure he knows that I am not "Mom" because when Daniel and Erin returned later to pick him up, he caught sight of her and started again as he crawled toward her...."mom, mom, mom..." Awwww, it is so adorable!!! (Can you tell I LOVE this little boy?)
I'm going to try and get a video of him crawling and saying "mom" and post it here. Pray for me. :-/ LOL
Our living room is beginning to look like a miniature Toys r Us.
It is supposed to only be 34 degrees here in our little valley Wednesday morning, so we will be moving our living room furniture around tomorrow so that we can fire up the woodburner. It isn't even October yet, for heaven's sake!!!!!
I fixed a big pot of chili Friday and Ed said it was "phenomenal"! The best I had ever made! Wow!! It was delicious and I do love cooking for him but I wasn't expecting that big of a compliment! I do appreciate that he is so appreciative of my efforts and he lets me experiment, using him as my guinea pig! :-)
Is anything as good and satisfying as a GOOD hamburger?
Our church weiner roast this past Friday night was so much fun! I love sitting by a fire, relaxing and enjoying good company, laughing and enjoying a burnt hotdog with mustard! (That's how I like mine! ) *smile*
I am still holding at my 16lb. weight loss and just have to get on the move again! I tivo'd Jillian Michaels on The Doctors this afternoon in the hopes that she can inspire me to get with it!!!! I also tivo'd Dr. Oz last week when he had a program about losing weight but I have yet to watch it. *feeble grin* Oh, and I have the first episode of Biggest Loser tivo'd to watch, too, hoping to get inspired but I haven't watched it yet, either. (Do you see a pattern here? LOL)
AND lastly, on the last Monday of the month, I take my sister Debbie to the local food giveaway. Today, we waited in line for 2 hours. You wait in your car, inching along as the line progresses. Then you drive through the lot and the workers put the food stuffs in the back of your vehicle.
Well, she got a box of twelve Michelini meals that she does not have freezer space for so she gave them to me. Well, we didn't have freezer space for them either, so Ed took them over to Daniel and Erin's and put them in their freezer. (They weren't home.) About an hour later, here came Daniel and Erin with the said Michelini dinners in hand saying that they had brought home some groceries and didn't have room for the dinners and were also toting a partial gallon of ice cream that they needed to find space for. Did we have some extra freezer space? Well, like, no, that's why we put the dinners in YOUR freezer. Sooooo, I called my friend Pam and asked her if SHE wanted and had the freezer space for twelve dinners, a gallon of ice cream and a partridge in a pear tree....ha ha. *grin* Thankfully, she did!
The end.
I hope you've had a wonderful Monday!!!! :-)


Suz said...

I wouldn't of given up the ice cream, what were you thinking? Oh the weight loss pattern I remember, koo-dos to you!

Hope everything works out with your sons cars repairs, I too,am glad no one was hurt.



Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You can't even make that stuff up about Daniel and Erin's car!!!! That is crazy, but I am sooo glad noone was hurt!!!

Love your randomness!

BTW, I have decided that the paper dresses are by far my favorite on Project Runway this season. I just don't think they can top that episode! Those dresses were so amazing! But, I will of course, keep watching! This group is REALLY talented!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Barbara H. said...

This is indeed a random post!

So glad Daniel and Erin and Jaylon were ok! Wow, two weird accidents in one night -- I can understand Daniel's question. But, as you said, sometimes things just happen.

The Biggest Loser has been great -- every episode so far this year. Last night was a heartbreaker, but ended so well.

Jewel said...

Hi Suz! Thanks for stopping by and reading my randomness!
About the ice cream...I'm not a big sweets or dessert eater so the ice cream wouldn't have been difficult for me to give up but if were a steak or big juicy hamburger, perhaps Doritos? Now that's another story! ;-)
And thanks for your kind comments about Daniel and Erin's accident. They've gotten the estimates and done all that they have to do so its just a matter of time in getting the car repaired!
Yes, the paper outfits were awesome indeed! I can't wait for this week's episode though I think it is a team challenge and I don't care for those! *sigh*
I was going to record the biggest loser last night but I had other shows recording that I wanted to watch. I am a Tivo junky!!!! :-)