Saturday, September 26, 2009

Time for a change!

I like to change my blog layout with the seasons and sometimes the holidays, so once again Template Mama came through!! :-) I love her templates!
BUT this particular two-column template has the sidebar stuff on the left while I am used to everything being on the right so I have found myself sitting here feeling a bit off-kilter, kind of leaning to the left and feeling like my eyesight needs adjusted. Weird,hm? Yep, that's me!!! :-)
I thought about trying the three-column template out but that's a bit too busy for me I think. We'll see. I may give it a try!
Erin and I went to the ladies' meeting at her church Tuesday evening and had a wonderful time BUT while I only took a little bit of each delicious food offering which amounted to one plate of food and two small portions of dessert, I gained two pounds overnight!!!! Egads!! How does that happen?!
The good news is that I've lost it already and I've maintained my 16 lb. weight-loss but I'm really wanting to reach that 20lb. goal sometime soon!!
And while I LOOOVE chicken, I've eaten so much of it of late that I wouldn't be surprised if sometime soon I start clucking!! LOL
Jaylon started crawling this past Wednesday! Yeehaa! We discovered that he has to REALLY want a particular object before he will waste his time and energy crawling.
Soooo, when Erin came to pick him up Wednesday evening, she put Jaylon down on the living room floor on his back and placed the TV remote across the room from him.
That little bundle of joy flipped over on is stomach faster than you could whistle Dixie, got up on his hands and knees, took off and didn't stop until he had that thing in his hands and was chewing on it!! I couldn't believe it!! And here we had been wondering what was holding him back! LOL
AND he will do the same thing for this little green morroco that our pastor's wife gave me for him. AND for his bottle IF he is hungry!
Oh, but to see him flip over on his stomach and take off for that remote!! LOL I just stood there with my mouth hanging open!
And then when he got it in his little paws he rolled back over on his back and commenced to chewing on the end of it!
Here he is enjoying the fruits of his labor!! :-)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Barbara H. said...

I love the new layout! And what a beauitful header!

That's so funny about Jaylon flipping over and taking off like that -- then flipping back over!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I don't know what it is about TV remotes, but Eva is facinated with them. Perhaps there is some primal voice sounding in their heads that says "Grab it now! You'll never get it again until you're grown."

Theresa said...

Eva will crawl for whatever fascinates her, but then she sits up to chew on it. However, she must be laying flat on her back to drink from her bottle. Go figure!

Jewel said...

Thanks, Barbara....yes, Jaylon is a flipping, rolling over machine!! LOL
I KNOW, Sir! They are just enthralled by these things! Dollar Tree has a toy one that we want to get for him so he doesn't ruin the real one! :-)
I know, I know, Theresa! AND Jaylon is so funny....if he has his binky in his mouth and he sees his bottle is on the way, he spits out his binky PRETTY forcefully! LOL Aren't they just hilarious and adorable?!?!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

LOVE the new look!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

Thanks, Mrs. NB!! Me, too!!