Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ladies' Day Out

On Thursday morning, several of us ladies from church hopped into the church van and headed out to go yard-saling. I was the designated driver. *grin* Now, you might think that because of my physical condition that I would not be able to drive the van, but I have no difficulty driving it at all, once I get in it. That's the trick, but we have a very stable step stool and the ladies are so good to help me in and out. And I truly don't see that my physical responses and reactions have been affected, as far as driving is concerned either. AND I can't really explain this, but I LOOOOVE driving the van. It is just so comfortable and enjoyable.
Anywayyyyy.....we went to 4 or 5 yard sales and then stopped at a shop that sells used/antique furniture and accessories. They had some beautiful old chairs and lamps and other charming things. I bought a lovely pillow there to put with the other pillows on my bed:

At the first yard sale, I bought this pretty votive cup and Yankee votive candle for $1!

I also purchased these two autumn gift bags, made of velour and appliqued. They are like new and cost a grand total of 25 cents each! I'm going to use them to put some small gifts in for a couple of special friends:
And I also found this lovely candle holder that costs a whopping 75cents! I had the candle already at home, just waiting for the holder!
We went to Dairy Queen for lunch and by this time my body was giving me fits, so two or three of the ladies brought the step stool and my walker around to the driver's side and were helping me get out.....slowly. Well, I looked up and noticed a young couple that was sitting by the window looking out at us and kind of smiling and laughing. I couldnt' tell if they were someone that I knew or not. So when we finally got inside DQ, they were getting ready to leave and I went over and introduced myself (being the introverted person that I am) and asked if we were acquainted to which the very nice young man replied "no". I told him that I noticed him and his friend smiling at us and he said, "We just thought you all looked so cute getting out of the van. Are you out on a day trip?" I told him the church we were from and that we were yard-saling and stopped here for lunch. They were from Cambridge, Ohio and had come to the Hocking Hills to go see the Caves. Oh, and I said he was no doubt wondering what in the world they were doing letting this crippled woman drive them around in the church van and we just laughed!! *grin* I do see people looking at me sometimes when I get out of the car and I know they must be questioning my ability to drive safely but I honestly don't feel that my driving ability is impaired. I've asked Ed to be honest with me in his opinion and he says he will tell me truthfully when he feels I should no longer be driving.
Anywayyyyy.....after lunch, we went to the Glassware Outlet and browsed and found some more lovely things to drool over. *grin* I bought two green crystal goblets for Ed and me and a porcelain tissue holder which only cost me 59cents!!! The goblets were $1.99 each! And since we were in the area, we went right next door to the Hocking Hills Craft Mall and looked and looked and made lists of things we wanted to get later. *smile* They have a very nice sitting area in this craft mall....a leather sofa, two leather chairs, a TV, table and chairs and a beverage and snack machines. I noticed a dad and his two sons sitting there as I went over to get a Diet Pepsi. I couldn't resist.....I said to them: "I can't believe you guys are sitting here watching the Olympics when you could be looking at all of the lovely things for sale here." The dad replied, "Yes, I know it's hard to believe but we just didn't want to cramp the women's know, by constantly asking....Are you done yet?.....Can we go already?......" It was a pleasant exchange. They were from Mansfield, Ohio and were down staying in the area for a few days. Isn't it amazing how we women can just look and browse and have so much fun doing so, even if we don't buy anything? Now, I don't like to do this very often, but once in a great while, I just love it!!
I finally got home at around five o'clock, and while I was totally worn out, it was a wonderful kind of tired. We ladies had such a great time, "shopping" and chatting and eating. It was great therapy!
AND the next day.....Friday.....I thought I would be down for the count, physically speaking, but I wasn't any worse for the wear! Thank the Lord. *smile*
Well, I am going to be on my way as Ed and I are going to go grocery shopping and eat lunch out somewhere. I hope you are having wonderful weekend with your families. God Bless!


Theresa said...

Sounds like you all had a great time!!! I'm telling you, though, you wouldn't have caught the WonderHusband sitting at any kind of a store!!! I ALWAYS give out before he does!!!

Jewel said...

We did have a fun time, Theresa. I think Ed and I are about even when it comes to shopping! Hope you are doing well. I've been praying for you. ((HUGS))

Barbara H. said...

What a great time of fellowship -- and what neat bargains!!

sky said...
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Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I'm glad to hear that you had so much fun. I'm not allowed to go to yard sales or auctions without adult supervision.

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara.....we did have a great time together. I think we sometimes forget how much we need times like this. AND we got great finds in the process! *smile*

Jewel said...

Ross! My first comment from you since you started blogging! Welcome and come back anytime! I'm sorry to hear that your "freedoms" have been curtailed but it is no doubt for your household's own good. *Smile*

Jewel said...

Oops, I mean, Sir Nottaguy...I beg your royal pardon!