Saturday, August 23, 2008

ANOTHER Conglomeration!

Last night....Friday.... turned out to be very interesting AND enjoyable. Daniel stopped by after work as he, his brother-in-law Brian and Ed were going to the inaugral football game at Logan's NEW football stadium! We are talking SO new that they just finished the parking lot paving and sealing yesterday afternoon at three o'clock AND the marking of parking spaces at five o'clock!!! Here is the architect's rendering of it, though Ed says it doesn't do it justice. Oh yes, and Logan beat Lancaster 27-3!!! (But....what does a state-of-the-art football stadium have to do with getting a quality education? That's another post for another time....)

Soooooo, I invited Erin up to spend the evening with me. Then I called my dear friend, Sis. Pam, to join us AND Erin asked if I minded if Sis. Debbie brought her son Joey down at around 7pm so she could give him a haircut and I said that would be fine. Soo00, Sis. Pam came bearing homemade bread, corn-on-the-cob and fresh tomatoes, while I had fried some yummy boneless chicken breasts and made chicken rice-a-roni with broccoli and we had us a scrumptious supper, which Erin joined us in enjoying!! It was so nice to sit around the table with the girls enjoying good food and friendship and conversation. Now, I am not able to wait on everyone and all, but Erin Maree and Pam are so good about just coming in and making themselves at home and all. I just love that! *smile* We all sat out on the back porch and watched and chatted while Erin cut Joey's hair. He is 9 years old and wants to be like Daniel. *grin* He's worn his hair kind of longish, down on his forehead for a long time but he asked Erin to cut it short like Daniel's.
Later in the evening, we retired to the den and Erin commenced to showing me and Sis. Pam the things that she and Daniel and gotten for little Jaylin so far. Talk about some cute clothes!! And Erin's mom was so kind to buy the bedding and all for the baby's room and Erin brought that up,too. The design is called Mod Turtle. It is soooo adorable! Oh, and the little guy does have THE most important, must-have outfit for any little guy born in Ohio, the BUCKEYE state, as show below:
And as I was taking the above picture I just noticed that even Ellie's kitty toy matches the OSU theme in the den! See?.........


Anonymous said...

Girl the score of that game was
35-10, and the new stadium is awesome.


Jewel said...

Thanks for the correction! *smile* I realized later that I had it wrong. Yes, Ed and Daniel said it was great!

Jewel said...

Oh, and Tony, I hadn't realized until I read the paper the next day that we had NEVER beaten the Lancaster Gales? Unbelievable! Did you read that? Talk about historic! Wow! And we finally did it!!! I heard the band was really awesome, too!

Anonymous said...

According to the program the last time Logan beat Lancaster was 1945. Think we might be looking at some state champs this year?