Monday, January 07, 2008

Wash Day

Back when I was a little girl, Monday was "wash day". My mother always did the weekly washing on Monday. She had a wringer washer and hung the clothes out to dry, even in the winter, though we did get a dryer pretty early in my childhood. I remember this because we kids were playing hide-and-go-seek in the house one day and Dad hid Johnny in the dryer!!! We never did find him, so he got an "ally-ally-in-free"! Gosh, remember those days?? Those WERE the days! Now, concerning the wringer washer, I always wanted to help put the clothes through the wringer. I just thought this was so much fun, but woe to me, if I let my hand get too close to the wringer rollers 'cause there would go my hand through the thing, but it had a safety thing on it that caused the wringer contraption to pop open....thankfully.

Well, today has been "wash day" for me: I've washed clothes, I've washed dishes and I've washed my hair and it is just now 1:38pm, so you can see that I have been busy. The clothes are washed, dried, folded and put away. The dishes are washed, dried, and put away. My hair is washed, dried and in dire need of fixing. If I were as brave as Chantell, I'd post a picture of myself with my hair "undone", but I just can't do it. *grin* The world is not ready to see my with my hair "stringing", as I call it. *smile* Sooooo, after I finish this post, I am going to do my hair and then it will definitely be naptime for me. (I love naptime)
I just haven't felt very "bloggy" lately. I'm not sure why. Tersie is feelin' the same way, so maybe it is a January-Christmas-is-over-middle-of-winter thing,hm?
We have record-breaking temperatures here in Ohio today. 71 degrees!!! The previous record was 64 back in 1907. Here's the proof of our warm weather today:

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