Saturday, January 19, 2008


I bought new curtains for my kitchen windows, ohhhh, about three weeks ago. Welllllll, with Ed's help, I managed to get the curtains hung at the window over by the table (not pictured). I pressed the curtains, slipped them onto the rods and he hung them. But for some reason we just had a time getting the curtains over the other window, over the sink, hung. They required a double curtain rod and Ed had to put up the new brackets. Well, as you can see, we managed to finally get them hung this morning! I pressed them, put them on the rods and Ed hung them! Yayyyyyy!!

This sort of thing is a bit frustrating to me because I used to just tear into it all by myself and have it done in no time at all BUT all of that has changed because I can no longer climb up on a step stool or chair and I tire so much more easily. Now everything has to be done in smaller increments. I am just so thankful that Ed is so patient and helpful.

If you will look at the picture above to the right of the sink by the coffeemaker: there is a small gold cup. You can't see it in the picture but this cup is plastic and has gold flecks in it. This cup has been in my family since I was a wee little girl. It always set on the sink at home and when anyone wanted a drink, we used this cup. Do families do this any more? Probably not? I don't know but after Mom passed away and we kids were sorting through the house and her things and deciding who wanted what and so on, I latched onto this cup because it has such memories with it! Mother passed away in 1999 and it has been right there on my sink ever since and will, no doubt, remain there just like it did through my childhood.

Just past the coffeemaker, in the picture above,you will see a cross hanging on the wall beneath the cabinet. A young girl that I took to church for many years made this in Vacation Bible School and gave it to me. I wasn't married when she gave it to me, so I know that I have had it for at least 30 years. It is made of matches that have had the tips burned. They are then glued onto a cross-shaped piece of wood in a pretty pattern. This young girl is now married and I believe she is a grandmother, too! *smile*


Catherine Roseberry-Meyer said...

I'm happy for you. A woman needs a kitchen she likes :) Great to have a patient helper.
I understand the deal about not jumping and doing everything you use too.
I have a cup from my childhood - I was the only using it - and I'm there every time I look at it.

iluv2prshim said...

You inspire me. I need curtains. It looks very nice.

Jewel said...

Hi Catherine....many, many years ago, my older sister told me to make sure I like my kitchen because that is where I will spend most of my time once I become a wife and mother and she was right! *smile* I do love my kitchen, especially in late afternoon when the sun is shining through the window across the table. Yes, that little cup takes me "right there", too.

Hi, Sis. Hurst! I inspire you? Wonderful!! Now, go get those curtains!! *smile*