Monday, January 28, 2008


I was all snug in my recliner underneath my equally snuggily OSU afghan watching the ladies' finals of the U.S. Skating Championship. Ed had long since gone to bed. (WHAT? He didn't want to watch the women ice-skating championship? Suddenly, Ellie leaped from her warm place in my lap to the lamp on the stand pictured here. A bug was flitting about in the lampshade and she cannot resist a flitting bug. It would have been wonderful if ALL she had done was WATCH it, but she went AFTER it and ended up knocking over said lamp AND shattering the lightbulb therein. The Lord only knows what happened to the bug BUT of course, we all know that I ended up crawling out from underneath my warm snuggliness to clean up the shattered lightbulb and put everything back into place. (Yes, Ellie the cat is still among the living. She gave me such a sweet, remorseful little gaze afterward and purred around my ankles as I was crawling around on the carpet looking for stray shards of glass. How could I punish her? Sweet kitty.....)


Rochelle said...

love the pic!!!!

Jewel said...

Thank you! Isn't she a cutie? *smile*