Friday, August 17, 2007


Depending on what you find entertaining or humorous, you might find this post by Ninja John to be both. I know I did!
While I am no longer a youth, I am planning to go to the youth rally in New Straitsville tonight with Sis. Pam and offer my support to the youth! :-)
We are still counting down to 10,000 and at present we are standing at 9,833!! And I am crocheting my little fingers to the bone! Well, okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I AM working on it, okay??? *grin*
I have nuthin', people, to blog about. I am down to bare bones. BUT hopefully, the next few days will bring some inspiration and happenings that I can present to you here!!
Soooo, until the next post, I leave you with this:
"What Pets Do While We're Away"

And we thought all they did was sleep!!!


Theresa said...

You must always read NinjaJohn with tongue in cheek!! He is funny, though!

Who's pup is in the dishwasher?? Please tell me this is not one of Daniel's and Erin's. ;)

Jewel said...

I love reading John! He has a neat sense of humor and no, these are not family pets. I got these pictures from an email my nephew sent and I thought they were so cute!!! *smile*

Stace said...

I used to have a cat who loved to jump in the washing machine! Not while it was going, of course, but if you happened to leave the lid open he'd always jump in. He also liked to sit on the edge of the bathtub while I had a bath... sometimes he'd slip in and panic and scratch me quite badly but it was funny!

~Tr@cy~ said...

Now I'm scared. With two dogs and a cat left here alone some days, I wonder what they are "really" up to...? I really did think that they were sleeping all day. Now that I think about it, the possibilities around here are endless. Scary! :-0

~Tr@cy~ said...
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Jewel said...

Hey, Stace! I can see a curious cat wanting to crawl into the washer to snoop around and Ellie sometimes comes and looks over the edge when I am taking a bath but that is as far as she goes! *smile*
Yep, Tracy, wouldn't you love to attach one of those little, tiny cameras to them just to see where they go and what they REALLY do when we're not around? *grin*

Aidan said...

Love the labby:)
Such a great way to clean the dishes!

Aidan said...

Forgot to say your little nephew is adorable:)

COunt is up 9881..... getting close now!

Jewel said...

We have a lab, Aidan, and I tell you, he can get a dish cleaner than I can! And thank you, I think he's a cutie, too!!