Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Okay, so I got a new cellphone recently and I couldn't ever hear it ring when it was in my purse. So, I got to perusing my ringtones and settled on "Rooster". Yep, you guessed it. It crows like a rooster. I'm not kidding. So I put it in my purse and put my purse over on the counter by the key rack where I always keep it. So the next morning, I'm doing dishes and I hear this rooster crowing and I say to Ed, "Heyyyyy, Ted (our neighbor who lives on the hill across from us) must have gotten some chickens. Hear his rooster crowing?" I am soooo blonde sometimes. *smacking my forehead* Here it was my cellphone "ringing". Ed just looked at me, grinned and shook his head. I thought it was hilarious! Needless to say, when I've been out and about and my phone goes off, I have gotten some weird/wierd *sp* looks but I love it and I ALWAYS hear it! Well, unless I have it on silent mode, of course, like when I'm in church! I wouldn't want it to start crowing in the middle of service!

Up there....a few sentences ago, I couldn't remember how to spell wierd/weird! Isn't it wierd/weird how you can type/write a word a kazillion times and know how to spell it, then one day....poof!.....it doesn't look right, you can't remember, and you have written this word sooooo many times before without any problem! And it isn't alzheimers either, you guys! I've done this for years! *grin* Anywayyyy, I'm still not sure if it is wierd or weird and I've just not bothered looking it up but I'm thinking it is W-E-I-R-D. If my vocabulary rules serve me correctly, I believe this is an exception to the rule: "I before E except after C" You might know,hm? Okay, I looked! HERE. It IS W-E-I-R-D! Mystery solved.
I have Spysweeper installed on my computer. When I add a website to my favorites, it automatically asks me, originally, one time, if I want to keep it..... Well, yeah. I added it, didn't I? *grin* But this "weird" thing happens EVERYTIME I go to Chantell's blog! It ALWAYS asks me if I want to "keep or delete" this favorite? Well, yeah. Hello. It's one of my FAVORITE blogs. That's why I PUT it in MY FAVORITES! Probably just some little glitchy thingy with Spysweeper, like me not being able to remember the correct spelling of "wierd/weird", even though I've used it a zillion times. *sigh* Such is my life some days.
It is 4:56AM, Wednesday morning. I have been sitting here since 4AM, unable to sleep. Alot on my mind. This seldom happens to me but has happened a couple of times in the past month or so. Usually I go to bed and sleep till 3:00AM, go to the bathroom, then sleep until 5:30AM. Like clockwork. Not tonight. Possible post-menopausal insomnia or I truly do have alot on my mind? Okay, I don't actually have ALOT on my mind, just some STUFF I am dealing with, so I am going to go pray for awhile and endeavor to give it to the Lord. Gosh, but that is difficult to do sometimes,hm? Let it go. Relinquish it to the Lord. But try I will! In Jesus' Name. For I surely can't work it out on my own.
With that, I will say, "Good night and Good Morning to all!" *yawwwwnnnnnnn*


Jana Dolan said...

LOL YOU are weird!!! LOL

Jewel said...

Very funny!! I'm UNIQUE!!! So there! LOL

~Tr@cy~ said...

Are you sure it's not alzheimer's? LOL.... No, I'm just kidding... Your blog had me cracking up... First the rooster, then the whole WEIRED/WIRED/WIEREEED thing... hahaha... And then the Post-menopausal insomnia. Yes, you are a mess, but you are frightfully honest and quite unique. We love you that way.

~Tr@cy~ said...

I'd like to add that no one is bigger mess than me... I am at Youth Congress. Last night, I acquired a terrible headache and got so dizzy I could not stand for the service. Ho hum. I told my husband to get the nursing home ready for me. Am I having a pity party? Can you say YES... I'm taking it VERY easy today.

Jewel said...

Well, hello to you at youth congress, Sis. Tracy! I'm past doing youth congress...wayyyy past! But I remember what a great time we had in 2005 and I am just a tad envious. *sigh* Pastor and Sis. Martin drove our youth down along with our youth leader. I don't know if the Martins are going to any of the services but they are driving the kids to and from and around and so on. I'll be praying for and your headache and dizziness. Make sure you are hydrated! ((HUGS))

Aidan said...

Down side about worrying is it accomplishes nothing and makes you feel worse. Address the issue if you can...

MAybe this might help

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things I cannot change

Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Take care and remember nothing is so bad you cant talk about it


Barbara H. said...

I have some words that I have to check every time. Niece was one -- broccoli was another, but I think I've got a handle on that one now. :-)

So funny about your "blond moment" with the phone ring tone! I don't think I could stand the crowing rooster on mine.

Jewel said...

I know I've done the same thing with other words, too, Barbara. I just can't remember them at the present time. *grin*
Well, now, I didn't say that it wasn't just a tad annoying but it works! (in getting my attention, that is! *smile*)

Jewel said...

Hey Aidan! Yes, I know worrying accomplishes nothing but to tear me down in everyway. Years ago I read Dale Carnegie's book "How To Stop Worrying and Start Living". It is excellent. Maybe I need to read it again,hm? *smile* Through the years, I've learned to cast all of my care on Him, for He careth for me. I guess I am still learning to lean on Him when difficulties arrive, always striving to do better. Thanks so much for the encouraging words, Aidan!