Thursday, August 02, 2007

Campmeeting Time in Ohio!

It has been a wonderful week at the Apostolic campgrounds in Millersport, Ohio! Even though I decided not to stay at camp this week, I have been able to go to service each night and it has been wonderful! I've seen so many good friends and heard some absolutely awesome messages from Bro. Klinedinst and Bro. Godwin. The music and worship each night has been so refreshing and strengthening. I'm glad that I decided to stay home during the day and ride with others at night. It is now Thursday and I am feeling the toll that it taking on my poor body but I type this as I am preparing to go take my afternoon nap, in preparation for another trip to Millersport with Pastor and Sis. Martin this evening! TTFN!


~Tr@cy~ said...

Sister Jewel - I so missed Family Camp this year. After working at 11 & 12 year old camp, I was pretty worn out. Knowing that I am going to Youth Congress this week, I decided to take it easy. I have heard so many awesome reports and our church is ready to explode! Get rested back up and take care! Are you going to Ladies Retreat? TTYL!

Jewel said...

You are going to YOUTH CONGRESS?! I will be praying for you, Sister! LOL Oh, I took the youth two years ago. Me and another dear sister from the church and we had a ball and I would do it again if I was able to physically! I had never seen so many apostolics in one place and felt like I had died and gone to heaven! *smile* And absolutely, I am going to Ladies Retreat! See you there!