Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's Eve Day lunch with the Sibs!

Several years ago, I asked my brothers, sisters and their spouses to join me and Ed for lunch on New Year's Eve day. They all agreed and we have been doing so now for at least 10 years, perhaps longer. I'm so thankful that everyone really makes an effort to be there. Though I wish they'd write the date and time down because I got so many calls the week prior and even the day of, wanting to verify the day, time and place! Sheesh!! :-)
We usually meet at two o'clock so as to beat the lunch and dinner crowds. We've always gone to Red Lobster, except for one year when we went to Millstone BBQ here in Logan, which we all enjoyed but Red Lobster just seems to be the place to go for all of us. Go figure. There's really no rhyme or reason for it. :-)
Soooo, once again, this year, we all met up at Red Lobster and had a most enjoyable time of food and talking and sharing and taking pictures.
And it is good to get together without kids and grandkids. Just us old folks. :-) Though we aren't THAT old. Ed, my husband, is the eldest, at 68, and he probably looks the youngest! :-) Below are some pictures of our time together:

This is me and Ed, of course!

This is my oldest sister Bev and her husband Bud! That's Johnny, my twin brother in the background! :-)

And here we have my sister Debbie , my oldest brother Bill and his wife Sandy!

This is my twin brother Johnny and his wife Cheryl!

AND...this is the dessert we all shared! It was yummy but after a delicious meal, none of us wanted a dessert all to ourselves, so this shared one was just right! :-)


In this new year, I'm going to suggest to Daniel and Erin that they start a tradition similar to ours, of getting together with their cousins on the same day each year, be it at Christmas or Easter or in the summer. It is so important that we stay connected and not let life just kind of run away with us, keeping us from those times spent with family.
I'll let you know how my efforts turn out! :-)


Joyce said...

This is a nice tradition...we're all spread out too but we do our best to all be in the same place at least once a year!

Mary said...

I had no idea you were a twin! How did I miss that?
That is a great idea!

Barbara H. said...

Such a neat idea. I wish we lived close enough to siblings to do that.

Angie said...

What a fun idea! We went out to Olive Garden with my parents, my husband and I and my brother and his wife over Christmas. We'd never done that before - no kids. We were so loud with our uproarious laughter, but we had a great time! Hope you're time was just as fun!

Love your blog background. Artsy.